Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Uggghhh. Better late than never.

If you were to ask me my biggest fear on growing our family.
Without a question it would be our finances. budget. and providing for our family.

It is plum expensive for anything anymore!
I mean really almost $5.00 for a gallon of milk?! 

Groceries, bills, clothes, gas, car expenses.

The list goes on and on. 
My husband and myself have said for years we will get caught up this year.
Then we moved.
Had our first son who will be 2 in July. 
Now we are expecting our second son in April. 
With Babies comes more expenses.

In a effort to try and be more frugal. 
I make our baby food.
I breast feed my son until he self- weaned at 13 months and 
plan to do the same with this next baby.
We are also switching to cloth diapers.
I know it's a higher expense up front but then we will save a 
small fortune in the end. 
Cutting Coupons.
Making our cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

Next I have sat down and started looking at our full budget.
Where we spend most of our money.
What bills we have that are most expensive.
Where can I make cuts?

I lowered our cell phone plan since we weren't using near the 
data or minutes we were paying for.

Our cable bill is $90.00 a month!!
So we are cutting cable and looking to switch to Hulu or Netflix.
This one is hard for me because I have my shows 
I Love to watch. 

Repeat after me Ashley, "This is just a want, not a need."

Seriously, though.
How will we ever get caught up if we can't 
learn the difference between the two?

Here are somethings I am going to work
 on to help us become more budget savvy.

- Work on a cash system
- Keep up with cutting coupons 
- Keep a weekly & monthly budget in combined binder
- Stick to budget 
- Start putting money in savings 
- Pay off larger bills or get paid down first
- Find a good budget document to keep up with everything
- Cut out extra eating out and extra spending

In a way you can say this is more than just a goal, resolution or thought.
I know we will have to make drastic changes in our lifestyle.

Everything good and worth having is hard work though.
That is just what we are going to do.
Work hard at getting back to where we need to be!!

What are your tips or budget ideas? 
What do you do to cut cost? 
How do you keep up with budget?

I would love to hear all your ideas and advice.
Hope you are having a Happy Wednesday.
I will be crunching numbers in between playtime, nap time and cooking meals.
I may do a little cleaning. Hmmm. Probably not. ;)



  1. I don't have any budget tips, because I suck with money. But you can do it!! Just remember, one day at a time! And it could always be worse. Annnd you would be surprised at the number of TV shows that are on netflix!

    1. Thanks sister! We can do it and we are going to!!