Friday, March 30, 2012


It is crazy how fast life flies by.
Everyone told me to cherish every moment with my son because in no time he would be grown.
I have tried to do just that every day. 
I mean he is by no means grown, but almost nine months feels just like that to me! 
I swear I was pregnant FOREVER and I only made it to 37 weeks. 
Yet since he has arrived here time has flown by. 

I mean he is doing something new everyday!
 He is so spirited, fun and dramatic. 
He is constantly into something and knows exactly what he is doing.

He is now crawling, pulling up on any and everything and walking around holding on to things. 
Eating whatever we will allow him and continuously stealing my heart over and over again!

I remember bringing him home and always wanting to hold and cuddle him.
The countless Sleepless night that we still sometimes encounter. 
How amazing looking into his precious eyes can make me melt.

I can't believe he is only 3 months away from a year old!!! 
It makes me want to cry and smile at the same time.

I mean we have made it through all kind of learning curves.
Long days and even longer nights.
We have accomplished almost 9 months of breastfeeding.
 Not always easy but we made it and are still going forward!
Cutting teeth, Gas, Constipation, Being Sick Together, learning to eat solids and the list goes on. 

Yes I know and realize that these are all things that every parent goes through, but we made it. = )

Here is a look back at the last 8 1/2 months!

Get ready for picture overload...

In the Hospital

One month old 

Two months old Smiling at Daddy

Finally got them to sleep =)

Three Months old 

Three Months old at his Dedication 

First Halloween 

Momma's Little Monkey 

Five Months Old 

First Christmas 

Six Months Old 

First Valentine's Day, 7 Months Old 

First St. Patty's Day, 8 Months Old 

Lovin on Momma, 8 1/2 Months Old 
I still can't believe how big my Little Man is. He makes me smile when I feel down, he reminds me of all the joys I have in my life and he has made me the woman I only dreamed I could one day be.

I am truly Blessed to be able to be his momma and can't wait to see all the fun things life has in store for us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Until Next Time,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project Me...

I feel that more often than not I am super hard on myself. 
I really am my own worst critic.
 I complain about my clothes, the way I look, my weight, not having anything to do, my lack of time with friends, being sad, missing home. The list really could go on and on.

Here is something I have started to realize though...

I am the only one who can change it!!!

This is exactly what I have been trying to do. Not just lose weight and eat healthier.
 I am trying to do things I love again so that I can be a happier person. 
Surrounding myself with positive people so that I to can be positive. 
Eliminate ALL Drama! 
Spend more time with my amazing family that make me so happy. 
Reflect daily on myself and where I want to be and who I want to grow to become.

Since I have started trying to do these things I can say that I am starting to see a change. 
I am seeing the person I use to be. The one who was happy and always had a good time.
The person that took things as they came and One Day at a Time!

Something that I have really struggled with is being so hard on myself and the way I look. 
Seeing myself in the mirror or in pictures has been something that I can't stand until here recently.

I am not trying to sound full of myself, I am just learning not to be so hard on myself.
My husband loves me and who I am. That in it's self is what is really important.

But as a way to try and strengthen my self esteem and to teach me not to be so hard on myself I am going to start taking pictures of myself and finding something beautiful in them. 

What better day to start then today?!?!

The length of my hair!

Super cute new shoes, Love mixing patterns!
I think that if we all took a little time to reflect on ourselves it would make us all become stronger. 
It is to easy to get lost in what we do and who we are. Then we lose ourselves. 
I mean I am Jesse's wife and Clayton's Mommy and I love being both of those. 
That isn't just who I am though.

I am outspoken, sometimes funny = ), loud, adventurous, a great listener, an even better talker.
I love to shop, dig through antiques, repurposing things, decorating, painting, photography, reading, walking, Zumba, being outside, making things. 

These are all things who help make me the person I am and want to be and with a little bit of focus and tons of work I am going to find my way back to the happy, positive person I use to be.

Life is to short to be stressed all the time and I just have to remember to tell myself that everyday and to

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I know I have been lacking on my weigh in updates. I have been a lazy blogger lately. 
I am glad to report that I am still working out, watching what I eat and seeing some awesome results!

Now that it has warmed up some outside I take my little man on daily walks after lunch for about an hour. 
Then on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have been going to the 
walking trail at our local park and walking at least 2 to 3 miles. 
Tuesdays and Thursday I go to Zumba and work my tushy off while having a blast! 

I try and mix in some lifting and some exercise videos at home throughout the week as well. 
I am excited that I am starting to see some toning up and starting to feel stronger as well!

I started losing weight and watching what I eat as a lifestyle change not just some crash diet that I stop seeing results with after a few weeks. 
I want to be healthy and feel that way too. 
 I am doing this to make me a better, stronger and more motivated person! 

Here they are Folks.... 
My results for week 10 of my workout and diet adventure!!!!

Inches off Waist: 7
Inches off Hips: 6 1/2
Inches off Chest: 4
Inches off Thighs: 4

With a Grand total weight loss of 20 pounds!!!

I have also dropped 2 pants sizes... 

This may not seem like a lot to some, but to me it is amazing. 
First of all, because I always give up and stop trying after a few weeks.
The fact that I have stayed motivated and on track for this long is miracle in itself!

Drum Roll Please...................

Here are the pictures From my first week and this week!

First Weigh In             and      March 28th Weigh In 

First Weigh In           and          March 28th Weigh In

I am super happy with my results so far and know that if I just keep an 
open mind and keeping pushing forward I will be at my goal in no time.
 So for all of you out there who don't think you can do it or feel like you don't have the time it is what you make of it.
If it is important enough to you, you will make it happen! 
Just keep strong and remember nothing in life that is worth anything is easy. 

What are somethings that have worked for you?
 Or haven't worked that you wish you would have done different? 
Let's help each other out and stay Positive!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chix and Chocolate

Spring has finally Sprung and I love it. 
To celebrate and have some girl time I hosted a little girl time party Sunday afternoon.
Wanted to do something cute and Spring related so we had tons of chocolate and fun spring colors.

I had Brownies, Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip cookies, all kind of little Chocolate candy and Chips and Punch.

When I was a little girl my Grandmother always took my cousin and myself to this local tea pallor. 
We would dress up in all the vintage clothes and boa's, eat little sandwiches and of course drink tea. 
I always would tell my grandmother 
when I grew up and got married I wanted my own tea set for my house. 
Well when I got married 3 years ago my grandmother bought me my own tea set.

Until Sunday I had never used my tea set. We didn't all set around and drink tea from the cups per say, but I used the set as part of my serving and decorations.
 I have to say it was super cute!

My a Flower arrangement for the Tea Pot and
used the cups for candies!

I am an antique junkie and have tons of things I have picked up here and there or that has been handed down to me. FireKing being one of the many things I love to collect.
I used some of those pieces as well and some old mason jars.
Used to hold Forks, Spoons and Knives.

Yummy Punch I found on Pinterest.

The Punch recipe I found on Pinterest and will making again it was super Yumm-O.

1-  12 ounce can of frozen Pineapple Juice
1- 6 ounce can of frozen Lemonade
 1 Liter of Ginger Ale
4 Cups of Water
A bag of Frozen Fruit

I mixed this all together in a large pitcher and then poured into Punch bowl.
You can use fresh fruit if you would like.
 I choose to use frozen so it would keep the punch cool and not water it down.
It is Pretty and tasted great! 

Full Table Layout

Tea Pot Flower Arrangement

I love to mix and match things and try to make it look original. 
I think when things are too matchy, matchy you lose who you are.

We all had a great time and really enjoyed the girl time! 
What are your favorite things to use when you entertain? What are your Go To decorating pieces? 

Until Next Time,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Plum Tired.

I knew it was to good to be true when all of a sudden at 
3 months my son started sleeping in his own crib with no problems. 
 Lay him down awake and he would happily babble himself into sweet dream land.

Well a couple of weeks ago that all came to a screeching stop!
 Or Screaming stop would be more appropriate way of putting it.

It was like a switch in his little brain turned on all of a sudden and he decided that he was never ever going to sleep in his crib again...aka baby jail!

We were finally use to him waking once a night to nurse and then calmly going back to sleep until about 8:00 in the morning and it was pure bliss. Being able to cuddle with my husband and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. I mean after all how many people with a 8 month old can say that they can do that?!!? 

Well we are no longer the couple that everyone loathes when they say that, because that is nothing but a small glimpse of what use to be... Saying that I am wore out is an understatement, I mean I am lucky to be getting 5 hours of sleep at night and that is by no means uninterrupted. Clayton is back to waking every two to three hours to nurse and sleeping in our bed. Which means every time he moves I am awake. 
Then it is impossible to fall back to sleep. 

I know it's not his fault he is teething and probably going through a growth spurt, but I am a person who CAN NOT function without my sleep. Without my sleep I am a person you do not want to be around. 
Poor hubby! 

I try to reason with my son and tell him these things. I mean I literally have full on conversations with my
8 1/2 month old on how I need my sleep. I tell him that if momma ain't happy, then no one is happy! Of course he just gives me his snaggle tooth smile and I can't help but smile too. 

SOOOOoooooo My questions is for all of you Momma's who have already went through this. 
How did you cope and handle the situation? 

I am absolutely against the Cry it Out method. I mean that is just cruel and not my thing. Not to mention my son is relentless and will not give up and just wear himself out. 
He goes into a full fledge panic until he can barely breath and is gagging himself.
SO what else is there? What are somethings that you have tried that worked for you.

I am clasping at anything here so I can be a well rested, happy, functioning person again and all insight would be wonderful. 

Until Next Time,

Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy yet getting nothing accomplished!

Ever feel like you are constantly running in circles? This has been what my life has seemed like the past few weeks. I have been sick AGAIN!!! I just can't seem to kick this crap this year. 
For those of you with small children continuously getting sick is just not an option.

I feel like I can't keep up with even the simplest of task when I am sick. 
I mean I get the most important things done of course...

Nursing my son, Nap Time, Nursing again, Solids, Lay in Floor with my Son while he Plays, Nursing again, Snack, Read a book while coughing constantly, Nursing again, Bath time, Solids, Nursing and go to BED!

I am sure I am missing a couple nursing sessions but this seems to be all I can get done as soon as I can 
scrap myself from the mattress and blow gallons of snot while I cough up a lung.

I am so over being this way and while my Son seems understanding and content even. 
I miss feeling up to playing with him, our daily walks, and still being able to get my other countless mommy duties done!!! 

Let's face it day to day life seems impossible sometimes. 
Well I refuse to let this crap keep getting me down! 

I am putting my foot down and crawling toward the light at the end of the tunnel 
until I find my way out of this Funk.

I managed today to get some organizing done, go to the grocery store, get the whole house dusted and play with my little man. 
He Loves Bath time!
I am hoping to be equally productive tomorrow as well. 
I am making baby food, baking some goodies for Sunday, cleaning the bathroom and all of the floors. 
Then spending sometime with my Hubby tomorrow night.  

I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend with my little family and even getting in some time with friends and family on Sunday for a nice little get together with the girls at my house.

Hope that Everyone has a wonderful weekend and I promise to be a better Blogger! 
I just need to get my groove back! ; )

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley 

Friday, March 2, 2012

No Place Like Home!

I know I have been slacking the past week and haven't been blogging. We came to Florida to visit my family and I haven't had a chance. I have just been enjoying being home and getting to spend time with my family.

My mom, sister and I have always been very close and it absolutely tears me apart to be away from them. I know that Clayton will always be close to them, but I wish they could be there more with him.

Florida has and always will have this girls heart!
 I love the warm weather, the beaches, the shopping, the fact that there is always something to do. 
This is where I grew up and I truly LOVE everything about it.
It has taken me a long time to grow to love and truly appreciate the place where I was raised.
I guess what they say is true, The Grass isn't always greener on the other side!
I love the southern hospitality down here. How people are always doing something outdoors. 
If you need anything all you have to do is pick up your phone and you have people showing up to help. It is amazing how in the south you have so much more than just a friend, you have a family you created by becoming friends. 
You always have Sweet Tea in your Fridge, Fish Fry's, and BBQ's. You sit on the front porch and talk until the sun goes down. Or spend all day on the river doing nothing and enjoying ever minute of it.

I never knew growing up just how special all of these things were or how much I would miss them if I ever moved and lets just say I know now that I don't want to live without all of these things apart of my everyday life.  I know home is where the heart is and that will always be wherever my husband and son are. But, I sure would love to be able to raise my son where I was raised and let him grow up enjoying and doing all of the things I did. 

Who knows where we will end up a year, or two, or three from now. 
Heck we don't even know where we will be tomorrow.
Guess we will just have to wait and see what is in God's plan for us. 

For now I will just enjoy the rest of the wonderful week catching up with family and friends and showing off my beautiful son! I will post pictures of our trip as soon as I can! 

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley