Friday, September 21, 2012

Still Alive!

Just wanted to stop in and say hello. 
I am still alive and well. 
Just very,very busy and well living life has overtaken writing about it for a minute.

I miss you all out there in blog and internet land.
As I have also not been on instagram or pinterest much.
OMG. I know this is a huge shocker to you all!

I just need some time for myself, my family 
and some old fashion pen and paper journal time.

Keep in touch loves and I will be back soon hopefully!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Small Town Southern Man

The weather is changing here and as Fall is fast approaching, 
I am torn.

I love fall. Really everything about it makes me happy.
But it is also a hard time for me.
I catch myself being sad and wanting to be alone more.

I see my daddy everywhere this time of year.
In the cooler weather. Getting ready for hunting season.
Planning family camping trips. Working in the yard.

Around the bonfire with friends laughing and telling stories.
My daddy told the best stories! 
I see his smile like I got to see it yesterday.
I wish I had.

You would think that 4 years after he has passed away this would get easier
for me. It hasn't.

I heard this song on the radio earlier today as I was feeling a little down,
it made me smile. My daddy always had a way of doing that too. 

So I wanted to share it with you. 
I know not everyone likes country music but my daddy was a 
southern country man and I loved that about him.

Not everything is literally in the song. But for whatever reason
I always think of him and smile when I hear it.
Hope you guys enjoy as well.

Smile on Lovelies,

Monday, September 10, 2012

A perfect day.


Happy Monday Friends!
I want to take a few minutes (I say a few because I have to get ready for work.)
and share with you my perfect day. Yesterday.

It started with my boys (hubby&son) and myself getting ready and going to church.
We have decided to try and find a church that we feel at home at.
Since we haven't had that since we moved here from Florida.

After church we met some of the family for lunch.
It was great to get to sit down and visit. 
I feel like now that I am back to working we never see anyone.

Then we headed home. Opened all the windows in the house.
The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL yesterday.
High of 80 and an amazing light breeze.
Put my favorite fall scent in my warmer.
Laid down and cuddled up with my sweet son for a 2 1/2 hour nap!
Pure bliss I tell ya!!

After our nap. I tackled some laundry and made a wonderful pot
of homemade chili.

I loved the simplicity of yesterday. 
Spending a beautiful day with my family.
This girl right here is truly blessed.

Hope the week proves to be just as good.
I'm sure the weather cooling down some will help.

With Much Love,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Okay so you caught me there is no chicken dinner.
However I do have a lucky winner to announce!!

The beautiful Jane from Taingamala
Congrats girl and I am super excited for you.
So here is what I need you to do to claim your prizes.

Make sure to contact me within 48 hours.
Let me know what item you would like from Lia Sophia.(it has to be $100.00 or less)
Pick your favorite Essie color from the fall collection and let me know which one!

I hope you are as excited as I am about my very first giveaway.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am woman, HEAR ME ROAR.

I have spent a lot of time pondering lately who I am and where I want to be.
I seen this link up a while back while on one of my favorite blogs here.
Which I then traced to one of my newest fav blogs here.

I love the idea of it and everything it stands for. 
These pretty awesome chic's got me thinking.
Who am I?
What do I believe in?


 A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, and views of its female author. May include themes of empowerment, independence, self love, consciousness, affirmation, and individual acceptance; your positive beliefs about yourself. Created to give self-described definition in regards to the innate beauty inside of every woman. Yes, even you.

I know I use this picture a lot,
but this is me no makeup and I love this picture.

I am Ashley. 
I am a mother and wife.
I don't have a college degree nor have I met my first set of goals I gave myself when I graduated.
I am okay with that.
I can be loud at times.
I LIKE TO WHINE. Sometimes for no reason at all. It's just me. and I LOVE IT.
I say more four letter words than I should.
I am okay with that.
I love tattoo's and the meaning they carry.
Each a story of where I have been in my life.
I like to get dressed up occasionally. but feel most like myself in jeans and a comfy top.
My family is my everything.
I love art. Music. Pictures. and making things.
I love to be creative but don't do it near as often as I should.
I can be bitch and not mean to.
If you ask me I will tell it like I see it. So if you don't want the truth don't ask.
I get my feelings hurt to easily.
I love to decorate.
Learning new things is essential in my life. 
As much as I hate packing, I love the adventure of moving.
I still want to be an interior designer when I grow up. =)
I try and remember to smile even when I don't feel like it.
I always try to search for the positive in ever situation life sends my way. 
I will always try and take in life's beauty. Pay attention to the small things.
Embrace the goodness that I know is still in people.
I vow to always try and dance in the rain.
Search for the rainbow after my storm.
I vow to never be ashamed of who I am.
I only have one person to impress and when I stand before him one day.
 His words will be all that matter.             

I know I will fall. I know I will cry. I know I will get discouraged.
Through those things I will find my strength, desire and will to keep going.

I will surround myself with positive people and people who make me happy!
I will hold on to God's promises.
I will search through life with a heart and mind of a child.
SO I'm not to lose the amazing things life had to offer.

I won't try and put so much on myself I feel like a failure if I don't accomplish it. 
I will set goals that challenge me but that are obtainable.

Love me or leave me.

You know I am sure I will add to this. It's one of those things that is always growing
as I do. I hope you will take the time and do this too! It truly is empowering.
And go check out all the other Womanifesto's here.


Monday, September 3, 2012

The bedroom is for sexy time and sleeping.

Spent most of our day Saturday deep cleaning our house. 
All of this started with needing to get down and dirty and clean our
master bedroom. We live in an older home and the return vent it in our room.
So this means the dust likes to gather there.

Here is the down low. 
The night before I went to lay in my nice clean bed and got attacked!
By a dust bunny the size of a small dog that flew off my ceiling fan.

I mean really I knew it was bad but I NEVER turn the fan off so,
I didn't really know how bad it was. 
This then leads to my huge rant on how we are spending the time cleaning 
on Saturday. With me being back to work the deep cleaning has been neglected.

This is how it started...

Cleaning the walls, washing the curtains, vents, fan, all the pictures on the walls. 
Moving and vacuuming under everything.
Then rearranging, hanging pictures in new places, taking down stuff I didn't really like.

DUH, duhhh, Duhhhh...

Removing the television from our bedroom!

Yes this happened folks. My hubby actually agreed to take the television out of our room.
I don't remember the last time I didn't have a television in my bedroom.

I can honestly say I have slept better. 
When I go to bed I can relax instead of feeling obligated to find something to watch.

I mean not that the television takes away from our mommy/daddy "Happy Time."
But it is nice to know that Family Guy won't be rooting us on in the back ground anymore. ;)

There you have it blog friends my huge accomplishment of the century!
We will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony to release this new relaxing 
room of our house. 
It's private though so don't show up or be anywhere within a 20 mile radius.
I warned you! Anything you hear is all your fault and something you will have to live with.

For real though. 
How many of you are television free in the mommy/daddy love den?! 

On a Fun note. Not that this whole Shebang isn't Fun.
Don't forget to share about the giveaway I'm hosting. 
It ends tomorrow at MIDNIGHT and I will announce the Winner Wednesday
here on the BLOG!

thought this was cute

Smile Big Loves,