Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Must have's with a toddler and new baby!

Boy O' Boy! 
Life with two boys is such a crazy fun adventure. 
I really can't imagine it any other way.

But I will be the first to admit that there are some wonderful baby items
we wouldn't make it a day without. 

Since Having Aidan I have made the wonderful jump into cloth diapering.
I will post more on this soon. But we simply couldn't live without
some of our favorite wahm diapers we have found. 

Love our Calico Sunshine!

Calico Sunshine is by far everything wonderful when it comes to fluff!
The quality is the best and Ashley is the sweetest wahm ever.
I See France is new to our stash and was introduced to me by a friend .
 Such cute prints and very trim for my little guy.
The most recent that we have received is also proven to be a favorite go to is,
Dippee Dypee. She makes some wonderful fluff and I am hoping the training 
unders we also got help us get our toddler in gear for potty learning.

Something else new to us since having Aidan is baby wearing.
My oldest was never a fan but Aidan loves it and thankfully so.
Chasing a toddler with a newborn has proven challenging at time.
Our Ring Sling has been a lifesaver and I would be lost without it. 

There are so many choices out there for baby wearing. 
I needed something reasonable and functional and wraps just aren't my cup of tea.
I discovered Willow Tree Ring Slings from another wahm and fell in love.
I adore all she stands for and her product had outstanding reviews as well as 
an awesome price point! We love ours!!

The iPad is something else that has been great while I nurse Aidan.
I loaded tons of learning games and puzzles on there so Clayton can sit 
with us and I can still play with him while nursing the baby. 
It makes it easy for me to help him still feel included and keep him entertained.
Some of our favorite Apps are Woozle wood puzzle, My Very First App, and Seek and Find.

Sleeping is always something that is proven to be difficult with a new baby and 
with Aidan having reflux that has shown to be more difficult this time around then 
with my oldest. In a mommy group I had seen people rave about the 
Rock n Play's. They were out when I had Clayton but I hand't heard of them.
Boy am I thankful I got one this time around.
Since we started putting Aidan in it to sleep we get some 4 to 5 hours spurts of sleep.
Now every night is different, but he sleeps so well in it. 
It it about level with our bed and makes night time breastfeeding sessions so simple.

close by while mommy does laundry
And of Course the number one thing to help with a new baby is the entertainment 
of your toddler! Aidan is mesmerized by Clayton. 
He loves his big brother and could watch him for hours.
And Clayton is such a wonderful big brother. He is so attentive and sweet to Aidan.
I try to make sure to include him as much as I can and it really helps. 

Oh and we couldn't make it thru one day without tons of cuddles, kisses, hugs and love!

The products and wahm's I mentioned are in no way reimbursing me or am I receiving 
anything for sharing the information of their products.
 I simply love them all and wanted to share them with my readers! 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Post: What Being a SAHM means to Rachael McAdams

I am super pleased to have the very sweet Rachael with us today to tell us about 
her life at home with her precious twins!! 
Rachael loves to write and share her stories. 
She hasn't developed her blog yet but is in the works and I am very pleased 
to have her share with us here today! 
You can follow her on Twitter @livealittlenyc.
So make sure to go and check her out!!!

What being a SAHM means to me and advice for new moms
No matter how much you try to prepare for being a stay at home mom (SAHM),
 you don’t know what it will be like until you are home with you baby…
or in my case two babies!
 Some days it is tough, but most days it is wonderful. 
Like most things in life, it is what you make of it.
I know many mothers struggle with the decision as to whether or not to stay home. 
“Can we afford for me to stay home” versus “I don’t want to go back”
 often looms heavy when maternity leave comes to an end. 
It makes it even harder to go back when you are
 sleep-deprived but happy about what being a new mother means to you. 
Everything is still so new and beautiful; you never want to be without your babies.
 The small laugh of my twin girls was such a wonderful sound – 
I could never get tired of it!
There are some women who feel like they need to “defend” their decision to stay home.
 My advice to you is this – don’t. 
Everyone’s decision to stay home or not is a very personal one and you owe no one an explanation. Ultimately it comes down to what will be right for you and your family.
 What I can say is that for my family it has been the absolute 
right decision and we have never looked back!
There are days I fall into a chair after my babies are asleep feeling completely exhausted;
 surrounded by baby toys and bouncy seats and wondering if I am ever going to get things organized. Most days, however, I try to enjoy each moment, no matter what is going on, 
and remember that a time will come when my two little babies will be adults and
 I will wonder where the time went!
A day in our home is more than likely very similar to other families with small children and a SAHM. Wake up early, start a load of laundry, change diapers, prepare bottles, get the husband off to work, make some coffee (I am a Starbucks coffee kind of girl);
 the day is off to its usual busy start. 
Depending on the day, there could be a baby music class scheduled, 
or just a walk outside if the weather is nice.
 Like many new moms, my mother gave me some advice and
 I have tried hard to remember it.
Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is a biggie. Rest when they rest and be thankful for it when you can get it.
NEVER wake a sleeping baby. No matter who comes by for a visit, if your baby,
or in my case babies, are asleep, let them stay that way.
Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. 
Just because things are hectic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.
 Take your children outside and play with them in the park. Read them stories.
 As we’ve all heard, in the blink of an eye they will go 
from crawling around the living room to graduating from college. Make sure you enjoy them as much as you can.
Take lots of photos! Thanks to digital cameras, so many people today are trying to get that
 “perfect” photo and delete the ones that are “less than perfect.” 
Don’t delete them! Think about when you were little;are your favorite photos the ones that are staged?
 Or the ones of you having a water fight in the kitchen with your little brother shot by your grandfather…until your mother caught you? Those candid shots are the best ones to use to make neat little items from;
for either your family as gifts or just for yourself! 
For example, everyone has an iPhone or smart phone today;
 so use one of those cute and silly shots and make a custom iPhone case with it.
 I really like all the different ways you can create iPhone cases on Tiny Prints’ website.
Like I said, at the end of the day, the decision as to whether or not to 
stay home is very personal and isn’t one to be made in haste. 
You need to talk it out with your family and think about both sides of the equation. 
What I can tell you is that I have never regretted the decision. 
To me, being a mom is the most important job I could ever do!

Thank you so much Rachael for joining us and I hope to have you back again soon!

Much Love,

Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm not cut out for this

Ever have those days where you are a complete wreck?
Where everything around you feels like it is going to fall apart,
including yourself?

Well that was my day.
I literally stopped and told myself, I cant do this!

I know I can and I do it daily. 
Today though I just didn't know that I would make it thru.

My almost 2 year old was a terror today. 
I think he woke up saying I am going to make mom's day awful. 
He wouldn't listen to anything I asked. 
He wouldn't eat anything I made for him.
He wouldn't nap at all. 
He cried more than my newborn for no reason.
Or I guess he had many reasons... The light was on. The light was off.
His cup was sitting on the table. His cup was on the floor. 
The dog ate the food he threw on the floor. 
He had food on his plate and wanted it on the floor.

All things that normally aren't a problem but today they were.

Then in the midst of all of this my 7 week old is going thru a 
growth spurt and wanted to nurse ever hour on the hour. 
Be held all day. (Thank God for my sling)
And cried anytime his brother would start crying... So all day.

Day's like today make the thought of Peaceful parenting a far away thought.
Then I find myself asking how do people make this look so easy.
Then I feel horrible thinking that I just can't do this. 

I love being with my boys but days like today would make anyone go a little nuts. 

Then just a few minutes in my quite place with my thoughts and prayers brings
it all back to me. Why I do this. How much Joy it does bring me. 

The cuddles from my toddler before bed as he tells me, 
he loves me!
The beautiful bright babies eyes that look at me with such awe.
The gummy smiles he gives me as he holds tight to me. 

I make it thru these crazy days for them. Because of them. 
and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Even crying and throwing fits. They are beautiful. 
They are my blessing.

Proverbs 31:28

New King James Version (NKJV)

 Her children rise up and call her blessed;

Her husband also, and he praises her:


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Babies Cry A LOT.

I try with this blog to be relatable. 
Putting things into perspective when sugar coating them just isn't any good.
While I love my boys more than I could ever express with words, 
and they bring me more joy than anything else.
That isn't what this post is going to be about. 
I know how blessed I am and I never for one second doubt that!!


More times than not when people refer to having babies 
it is all about the joy and happiness they bring into your life.

YES this is true. They are simply amazing. 

But most of the time people don't tell you about all the stress and anxiety 
that comes along with it to... 

They don't tell you to establish your support group before you have kids,
because you will need it. 

The truth is kids cry a lot! 
Aside from changing their diaper, feeding them and 
trying to comfort them. 
When this all fails they can't tell you what is wrong with them.

As a momma. It breaks your heart. 
To see your little one upset and not know how to fix it.
More times then not when in this position I have cried with my
 little one completely lost at what exactly to do.
SO we walk the floor, or rock and sing, or bounce
and cry together. 

I know that if it wasn't for my supportive husband who 
is such a help I would feel like I was simply losing my mind sometimes.

None of this makes me a bad mother. It is just a simply fact of having children.

I can imagine as my boys grow older there will be many more tears that I shed.
Completely lost at what I should do. 
The fact is as mothers we want to do what is best for our little's.
We never want them to hurt, cry, be sad, or sick.
I know that I would take any of those things over my boys having to have them.

In life though that isn't an option. So we comfort them. 
Hold them close. Love them and lead them the best we can.

But we also have to learn that we can't do this alone. 
I know that I need my husbands help.
I need other mommy's to talk to about my crazy days.
I occasionally need a break so I can unwind and be the best
 momma I can be for my boys. 

Even though my kiddo's are my world. I can't forget about myself.
If we don't make time for ourselves every now and then 
we get burnt out. Stressed. Overwhelmed. 

Even if this means going to the grocery store by yourself. 
Make time for yourself because no one else will!

Don't forget how important you are as well.

Don't try and be Wonder Woman.
Even if you can do it all, it doesn't all have to be done in one day! 
Enjoy the little moments. They go fast.

Take other peoples opinions as a grain of salt. 
Lets face it people are judgmental. Its just in our make-up.
I have been hurt plenty of times by this but at the end of the day,
I have to remind myself not to let others bother me.

Not to brag, but. I am a freaking AWESOME mother!
My boys are well taken care of much more ahead of myself and 
I would do anything in he world for them. 
They are if nothing else I have ever done, the one thing in my life 
I know I do right by. No one can change this. 
No one has a right to tell me otherwise.

Always stand up for yourself and never let people run you over. 

Stay strong and find comfort and guidance from those who 
encourage and support you 100%!!

There is no other job in the world as important as 
raising a child. Remind yourself your remarkable.


Friday, May 10, 2013

From one babe to two

No one really tells you how crazy things get when you have baby number 2.
Not that I thought it would be easy. 
I knew it would be hard and the last few weeks up until I had Aidan 
I was terrified. 

Questioning if I could really do this. 
Can I handle a toddler and a newborn?
Still take care of the house and all my mommy duties?
How would I still give Clayton the attention he needs and 
tend to a newborn who will constantly want to be nursed and held. 

Well here we are and little guy is already 6 weeks old.

It has flown by so fast. 

Don't get me wrong. I am beyond exhausted.
 Getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night can definitely take a toll on you. 
Not to mention I have had to cut out all caffeine and sodas. 
My little guy has a very sensitive tummy and so it has been a 
process of elimination to help us with nursing. 

Clayton is such a proud big brother and 
can't give his little brother enough cuddles and lovin'.
Talk about melting your heart.

I am hoping to get back to blogging regularly again.
I miss my outlet. Things have just been so busy. 

Thankfully my house is not falling apart. 
Actually I feel the complete opposite. 
I have never felt more complete. 
My house may not be near as clean as I would like it, 
but I have more important things to do. 
I would rather cuddle my littles and play with cars all day.

Hope you guys are ready for some crazy post.
Things here really are a beautiful chaos!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bed Rest Survival Kit

Almost made it through week one of "strict bed rest."
Honestly I can't believe how easy this week has been for me.
Mentally I have handled it better than I thought I would.
Physically I get a little sore from not being able 
to get up and move around much.
Being able to move from couch, to recliner and 
bed has really given me a little
relief and much needed change of scenery! Lol

Letting some sunshine in

If this week has proven more than anything it's that I have the most amazing
Husband! He has been so supportive and wonderful with everything.
I don't what what I would do without him.
And if by any small chance I can get my sweet little man to 
slow down and love on me, 
those cuddles are better than anything else in the world.

Pure Bliss
Plus all of our awesome family and friends who have helped 
us out with our son and things around the house.
Saying we are blessed is an understatement.

Many people have asked me how I am doing this week.
How I am handling being on bed rest.

I can answer honestly say I am doing well.
Once I let go of all of the things I should be, need to be, ought to be doing.
This is just another one of life's mental challenges that I have to get thru.

My bed rest survival kit has really helped too!
And of course I am going to share that with you...

This momma's survival kit

- Our Family Binder to keep up with meal plans, budget and bills that need to be paid.
- Sketch book. for doodling and keeping myself busy.
- Journal. for getting my thoughts out and for my devotional time.
-Pens and Markers.
-Wallet. Incase I find something for our new "little guy" that we HAVE to get! =)
-Tissue for those uncontrollable pregnancy hormones and tears.
-Extra bottle water to stay hydrated.
-Healthy snacks. Nuts, granola bars, apples, granola and dried fruit.
-iPad for browsing the internet. devotional & bible. blogging. reading books. 
-Charger for iPhone and iPad.
-A calendar to mark off each day of bed rest I make it through.
-Hair brush, Chapstick, Fingernail file & clippers, lotion.

Plus my hubby rented me some movies. Got me a ton of magazines. 
and some candy bars for the occasional cravings!

This so far has been great for me. Just enough to help pass time.
There is only so much television one can stand 
and only so many times re-runs to be watched.

I have also been keeping a list of all the wonderful things
 our family and friends have been doing for us. 
As I will be getting together Thank you notes! 

Here is too surviving week one,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

God Smacked...

Ever have those moments where God is 
trying to tell you the same thing over and over?
Mainly because you are to stubborn to listen the first time.
Well that happened to this girl just last night!

I fell off my pity party and straight into the lap of God.
What a wonderful place to fall if you ask me.

Let me share the story the way it happened.

Of course, dealing with the mental struggle of being put on
 strict bed rest has been one beast that has had me down.

Last night after a full day of being stuck in my head.
I received a message from a mentor and friend...

"Honey, God is telling you to LET GO!!!! 
Ashley, you can NOT have control this time! 
All those things you think have to be done, don't! 
Your son will love being in the bed with you while he colors, looks at books, 
plays on your computer/tablet,...just get comfortable with no control. 
It is so freeing!!!!!! 
That precious baby will come at the right time 
even if it doesn't match the DUE DATE. Have FAITH in God."

Even though I knew all of this already 
it is so much easier to hold on to what we think is best. 

When in all truth what we think is best rarely is. 
"Let Go and Let God!" 
Just keeps popping up in my head.

Then I decided to catch up on some devotional reading. 

As if the first day I read wasn't enough.
from Jesus Calling 
 God had to remind me again!...
from Jesus Calling
This left me smiling and shaking my head at myself. 
Am I so stubborn that God has to smack me down 
this many times in just a matter of minutes?

Why is it so hard for us humans to do what we need to and
 just let God lead us.  Obviously he knows what he is doing. 

After much hesitation and doubt on my part
 I am letting go and turning it all over to you, Lord. 
I am leaning on you. I will trust in your word, will and way.
I am giving you full control and know you will take care of us. Our situation.
You will make sure all that needs to get done will be taken care of! 
My hope is in you.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My big plans!!?

Nothing. Yep you heard that right for the duration of my pregnancy. I am to do nothing.
My doctor appointment Monday didn't go as planned. 
We found that I am dilating already at just 31 weeks and my cervix is soft.
So I am sure you guessed it, this mean Strict Bed Rest.
For all of you wondering. I can only get up to go to the bathroom and
to every couple days take a quick 5 to 10 minute shower! Nothing else.
Of course as soon as the doctor told me I was already dilating the tears start flowing.

As a mother even when your pregnant you feel helpless when you find out
 your baby may be in danger. I mean he isn't ready to come yet. 
He needs time to grow and develop more.

Then when the doctor told me strict bed rest. I was a sobbing mess!
Yes I will do whatever I have to in keeping my baby safe.
However all these "But's" start running through my head.
But I have so much to do before the baby gets here.
But I have a 19 month old how do I manage bed rest? 
But I have to clean.
But I have to cook.
But I have to do laundry.
But I have to take care of my family...

How do you do all of this while on bed rest?
Well we had to find a sitter for our son while my husband works 
Since we didn't have anyone that could come and sit with us and help out.
My Aunt is amazing enough to pick my son up when he wakes and 
take him to the sitter on her way to work. Then hubby picks him up when he gets off.

My Wonderful, Amazing, Sweet, Caring hubby comes home from 
working a 10 sometimes longer day and cooks us dinner, cleans, takes care of Clayton's
bedtime routine, get diaper bag ready for the next day and then puts our son to bed!

All while I do NOTHING. Just lay around feeling useless and awful
 for my dear husband because he is so tired. 
I am seriously crying again thinking about it!
I feel helpless.

On top of all of this all the extra time I was looking forward to 
with my son is now even less. The next 9 weeks was all we had left with him 
being our only child. That was time I wanted to prepare us all more.
Try to help him understand more about what is going to be happening.
To get as many extra cuddles. Playtime. Books. Mommy and Clayton time
as we possible could! You know all the extra stuff that will be shared
with another baby soon.

Trust me I know I am doing what is best for this little guy in my 
belly. It's just hard to not feel like I am letting my family down.

I am praying for the strength that I need to just get out of my head 
So I don't drive myself crazy!

Lots of praying. Reading. Journal writings. Devotional time and reconnecting with God.

Movies. Books. Design magazines. Drawing. List making.  

Here is me trying to be positive.
I know this is more a mental challenge then anything and I plan to beat it!! 

Here is to my view for the next 9 weeks,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

31 Weeks and Growing...

Things have been a bit busier around here lately as 
my true nesting phase has set in. 

Trying to get all the things we need for little guy lined out.
Freezer Meal Planned and ready to go for after I deliver.

Stocking up on all the things I am going to need after delivery,
for myself and around the house.

Starting to get the hang of Meal Planning.
Keeping up with coupons and local savings. 
Preparing for all the things that will help our precious family
in adding a new little one.

This last week was full of emotional ups and downs.
Some days it's like all these extra hormones have a mind of their own.

The hubby and myself went on a much needed date night.
I never would have thought dinner and a movie could be 
so amazing for my spirit. It was wonderful!

Even though it has still been cold we have been trying to get out for at
least 30 minutes a day to get a little fresh air.

 I have been forcing myself to put on a little make-up and get dressed in 
clothes and not just sweat pants. 
It has help me feel a little more human. =) 

It is still so hard to believe that our little guy will be arriving in 
just a few short weeks. I can't wait to hold and love on him!

As anxious as I am. I am hoping he holds out as long as possible.
I feel like we still just have so much to get ready around here.

I hope his big brother is just as happy for him to be here as we will be.
It is hard to tell if he really understands completely what is going on.
That the 'Baby' in mommy's belly is going to come out and 
take up some of the attention he is use to getting.

He will just be 21 months when he becomes a Big Brother,
but I truly believe that he will be wonderful with his little brother.
It makes my heart melt to think of the bond and relationship 
they will have growing up so close together!

Well my laundry just got finished and I can barely hold my eyes open.
Doctor appointment in the morning for this momma.
Praying to hear everything is going well.

If you guys have any advice on preparing older siblings for a new baby.
Or preparing myself on how to handle two. Please Share!!!

Blessed Momma,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I thought I loved you then.

You know I never thought that the night I went out with my girls
 almost 6 years ago to celebrate being single and how much we hated men,
that I would meet my husband! The father of our children and man of my dreams.

But I did!
 Crazy as it sounds my Prince Charming was 
just where he needed to be at just the right time in my life.

God really does know just what he is doing. 
My husband saved me. He helped me realize what life really is all about.

He has been there for me through some of the hardest times in my life.
Held me up when my legs wouldn't support my own weight.

Calmed me down when I needed it.
Made me smile when I really just wanted to cry.

He has been my constant. 
My laugh. My Smile. My support. My Blessing.
He is an AMAZING father. Our Provider. Our Protector. 

The day after we met, I knew that he was the man I was going to marry.
I literally called my mom and told her that the day after we meet.

Never could I have imagined how much more I would love him now.
Each day is another day I thank God for giving me this beautiful man.
This man who has given me such a wonderful son and one on the way.

You know we have never been that couple that makes a fuss out of Holidays.
We aren't exchanging gifts for Valentine's Day. 
Simple going out on a date to dinner and then to a movie.
This is however something we do not get to do often.
So it is special. I cherish these moments.

The small moments in life that make you stop. take a deep breathe.
and realize just how very blessed you are.

As I thought about Valentine's Day. The day of Love.
You look at all the frill that goes along with it.
Balloons. Candy. Cards. Jewelry. Stuffed Animals.

It really just made me reflect back on when I found this love 
with this amazing man, My Husband.
For that I am forever thankful.

For my husband. 

For our son, who steals my heart over and over again each day.

For our unborn son who we will be welcoming into the world soon.

For the future we all have together.
For this my friends is what love is to me.

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Recipe: Loaded Baked Potato & Buffalo Chicken Casserole

My favorite part of Meal Planning and cooking more has to 
be trying new recipes! 

Most of which I find on Pinterest. 
 How did we cook before Pinterest? 
I never found good recipes like this in my recipe books.

Being a huge fan of easy and not a ton of ingredients,
the recipe I am going to share with you was amazing!

Loaded Baked Potato & Buffalo Chicken  Casserole

I will of course give credit where it is due, I found this recipe here.

However, I changed it up so my toddler would eat it
 so I will tell you exactly what I did.


2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into small bit size pieces
8-10 medium potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch cubes  (I peeled the potatoes)
1/3 cup olive oil 
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1 TBS. freshly ground pepper
1 TBS. paprika 
2 TBS. garlic powder 
3 TBS. hot sauce 

2 cup Fiesta Blend Cheese or a mix of Cheddar & Monterey Jack
1 cup crumbled bacon
1 cup diced green onion

Preheat oven to 500F (This is NOT a typo, 500F is correct!)  
In a large bowl mix together the olive oil, 
salt, pepper,  paprika, garlic powder & hot sauce. 
Add the cubed potatoes and stir to coat. 
Carefully scoop the potatoes into a cooking spray coated 9 x 13 inch baking dish,
leaving behind as much of the olive oil/hot sauce mix as possible. 
 Bake the potatoes for 45-50 minutes, stirring every 10-15 minutes,
until cooked through and crispy & browned on the outside.  
While the potatoes are cooking, add the cubed chicken to the bowl
with the leftover olive oil/hot sauce mix and stir to coat.  

Once the potatoes are fully cooked, 
remove from the oven and lower the oven temperature to 400F.  
Top the cooked potatoes with the raw marinated chicken. 
In a bowl mix together the cheese, bacon & green onion
and top the raw chicken with the cheese mix. 
 Return the casserole to the oven and bake for 15 minutes or 
until the chicken is cooked through and the topping is bubbly delicious.  
Serve with extra hot sauce and/or ranch dressing.

This turned out just as awesome as it sounds and we loved it.
Already saved as one of our go to favorites.
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did and thanks to Pinterest
for allowing me to find this gem! 

Bon App├ętit,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How I Really Feel at 29 1/2 weeks pregnant

I have always admired those blogs of pregnant moms with multiple kids.
You know the ones who always look fabulous!
Who rock their cute outfits, perfect make-up, high heels.
and Post about all these amazing feelings they have each week.

However this is going to be the complete opposite.
Surely you've already got that though since this is my first real 
pregnancy post and I will be 30 weeks on Saturday. 

Let's be honest having a toddler and being pregnant is hard work.
With my first pregnancy I could rest when I needed to. 
I could have all the time I needed to get ready 
and wear make-up and dress cute.

This time has proven to be a whole different ballgame. 
I can honestly say that most of the pregnancy pictures I do have 
I am in sweat pants and no make-up. It has been a cold winter,
it's just easier for me to keep me and my son inside!
Unless it's for church or a doctor appointment here lately 
I look a hot mess with unbrushed hair and hairy legs. =)

*note* I only have make-up on because we had just got
home from church.

Here are things I am lucky to do:
Wear real clothes... This means not pajama's
Worry about putting make-up on
Get anything done around the house
Have any energy what so ever
Sleep Well
Go one day without being miserable at some point
Go one day without obsessively worrying about something
Feel Cute. ever

Here are things I love about being pregnant:
Feeling my little guy move around
The bond that grows each day between my son and me
My huge belly... Stretch marks and all
The joy of growing our family
Imagining how close my boys will be
Preparing for our little ones arrival
Being blessed  enough for God to allow me to have babies!

And because I had a doctor appointment this week and got dressed in normal clothes...
Your lucky enough to get a picture of me not in pajama's.

There you have it. My 29 week pregnancy thoughts and pictures.

Momma Thoughts,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From Dining Room to Nursery!

Not a typo. It is the truth. 
We turned our dining room into a nursery.

We live in an old house and space is tight, but with a little creativity
we are making it work. 

Our oldest son is 19 months and his room is tiny. 
 No way we could get a crib and bed in there. 
Plus I wasn't sure it was the best idea to put them in the same room.

Clayton sleeps thru the night for the most part. 
I didn't want him to wake every time the baby does.
Then it's getting two back to bed instead of one. *_*

We hardly used the dining room other than for extra furniture and
when we have company. Which will now call for creativity. 

The Dining room is also right off our bedroom so easy to 
get to a crying hungry infant all night. 

I love the color of the dining room and planned to 
use that as the base color for a boy or a girl.
Well we found out it's another boy 
so I wanted it to be colorful and fun.

Wall color is a deep orange.
Accent colors are Yellow, Green, Teal, & Orange.

Didn't really choose a theme. 
However, we did decide to use Owls, Giraffe's and Elephants.

Crib is reused from our oldest son.
Rocker was given to us from my wonderful sister in law.
Side Table $10.00 find at local antique store.
Lamp was my birthday present from my cousin.
Dresser I have had for years.
Hutch was made for me by my husbands uncle. 
Bedding I had made by an awesome momma & friend. 
Nick-nacks all things we have collected or gifts from friends & family!

Here are some pictures of Before:

And After: I will add more as I get it completed. Promise!

There are still things I have in my head that I want to do
to cozy it up more. But I LOVE IT!

I think it reflects us and our style and it has really started turing into 
such a cute little space for our new guy. 

Nesting Momma,