Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Wear Monday

I will be completely honest I was lazy and stayed in my comfy clothes all day. 
These are pictures from this weekend. 
Focusing on Bright colors, patterns and my tattoos which I love. 
I am actually hankering for a new one and don't think I will be able to make it much longer without getting one soon! =) 

Color =)

My son in his walker grabbing the back of my legs <3

LOVE color <3

Stacking bracelets

different day but loving my sequin strip shirt.

What are your go to fashion items right now? What is your day to day fall back item?

Hope you all had a  Wonderful Monday.
With Much Love,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Not sure about you but this girl has a busy Friday planned!
I love my new job with Lia Sophia, 
I mean what better way to work than as your own boss and on your own time.
Preparing for a show tonight and all kinds of errands today. 
Looking forward to a fun weekend with my little man and going to get in some time visiting family. <3

Might try and find some yard sales to go to tomorrow morning. 
Still looking for those perfect pieces to complete my front porch... I know they are out there.

Just because I am super excited about them here are a few new Lia Sophia pieces I just got in!


Because it is my favorite color and it is huge <3

Hope that you guys have a beautiful weekend and that you get to spend it with people you love.
With Much Love,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Never to many Coffee Mugs!

I am super excited to be doing my first swap.
Guess what there is still time for you to get involved too!!! 

Head on over to Suzels Says and sign up for this fun swap.
Can't wait to see who I get paired with so I can find them a super cute Mug. =)

Make sure to check this out. You don't want to miss out!

With Much Love,

Thrifty Finds

It was a beautiful warm thursday here in Southeast Missouri and my son and I made the best of it.
Went for a walk this morning and then went to our favorite Antique Mall here in town.

I love that I have made friends with the owners I am there so much!
I always manage to find something fun for a good deal there or at least get some wonderful ideas on repurposing items I may already have.

Not Sure if you remember this Gem I got
a few weeks back...

It has a lovely home in my kitchen.
I LOVE the blue against my plum kitchen walls!

This amazing little tin was only 2.00 and I adore it.

Not sure what I am going to do with this fella yet but for 7.00
I couldn't pass it up and it is such a fun color.

After our little antique adventure we came home a took a cuddly nap <3.

Then Went for a run and enjoyed dinner with my Aunt and Cousin.
Of Course Grey's Anatomy.
Now shower and Bed. =)

Hope you had a wonderful day! 
With Much Love,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weigh In Time!

I am happy to report that I have dropped another pants size!!!!

With a grand total of 3 whole pants sizes.
I am so proud of myself and even though I still have a ways to go it seems like I have made it so far.

I ENJOY working out, heck I even look forward to it. Coming from me that is huge. 
I am healthier than I have been in a long time and so much happier.
Making this change has made me a better person and
 I am so thankful to have so much support from so many wonderful people.

Here they are folks....

 When I started in January     and     April 25th 2012 

When I started in January     and     April 25th 2012 

Not sure if you noticed, but my belly no longer sticks out further than my boobies!!! =) Wooohooo

Inches off Waist: 8
Inches off Hips: 7 1/2
Inches off Chest: 4 1/2
Inches off thighs: 4

Grand total weight loss is at 22 pounds...

I won't lie at first I was disappointed that my weight hasn't dropped more than that in the last week. 
Then I reminded myself that I went down another pants size and that at least things tightening up more. 
I am so proud and will keep pushing toward my goal.

With Much Love,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mommy Wear

One of my most favorite things would have to be jewelry. 
I have adored it since I can remember raiding my grandma's jewelry box with my cousin as a child playing dress up. 
It just makes me fill so much better when I have cute accessories on to complete an outfit. 
Old, New, Vintage, Costume, Real.... I LOVE it all!

Here are some new pieces of mine that I have gotten from Lia Sophia and from a cute Antique place I found. She had all kinds of lovely things but I had to make myself stop!

I Simply love them all!!!
 Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. 
Think about the things that you love and all the reason you are blessed! =)

With Much Love,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Where has the week went.

I can't believe it is already Friday this week has flown by!

Little Man and myself have been super busy we have been enjoying as much of this 
beautiful weather as we can. 
Other than today because of the rain we have went to the park everyday this week.

Trying to get some spring cleaning done around the house. 
Getting in some good workout's and some even better cuddle/nap time! =)

I have picked up a few houses to clean to help with extra money and between that and getting my jewelry business going and keeping everything up at home I have been one pretty busy girl. 
I'm not going to lie, I am loving every minute of it.
Plus the extra socializing with real adults has me feeling human again.

Clayton is super mobile and getting very daring trying to take steps and stand own his own. 
He has also started pushing me away when he does't want to cuddle anymore. =(
I just can't believe my son is 9 1/2 months... Where does the time go?

I also decided to change up my hair and get bangs. <3

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and that you all have an even better weekend!!!

getting way to big

got to actually spend time with the hubby <3

new bangs =)

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That time of year again!

I adore spring and Love me some summer sunshine.
With that however comes bathing suit season and 
well for a shapely woman as myself that can become a dreaded event.

I know I am losing weight and getting in shape but there is no way I am waiting until I get to my goal to soak up some sun and enjoy some fun time swimming.

I have been searching for a cute, kinda vintage looking, fun ONE piece swimsuit and need you opinions.
Most of these look like the same suit but different prints. I just can't decide on my own.

When looking I have to keep in mind my big ol' booty and my larger than life boobies! 
I want to embrace my love curves and actually feel sexy in a swimsuit. ; )

All Found HERE

All Found HERE

Let me know what you guys think, I have to order soon....

Until Next Time,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun 5k...Say What?

When I started my workout and diet at the beginning of this year,
 I said that I wanted to be able to do a 5K race in 2012. 

I have been browsing the internet for local races and trying to figure out which one I want to do.
Last night a friend of mine posted on The Color Run, so I googled it 
and lets just say I have found my race and I am so excited I can't stop thinking about it!!!

It looks like such a good time and I think it would be great to do as my first 5K race. 

I am going to go to the one in Memphis Tn. since that is the closest race to where we live and I am hoping to get an awesome team of fun friends together to do it with me! 

Just thought I would share with you all since I am so excited about it. Go to there sight and check out there locations they have over 30 races across the US this year, but hurry because when registration opens for a city it seems to fill up fast. 

Here are my questions for you guys since I am not a seasoned runner what are some ways for me to prepare. I know this one isn't about speed or time, but I would like to at least run the whole thing. =)

How do you train. What do you eat to help you get in the right shape. 
What are you favorite running shoes? 

Look forward to hearing from you guys!!! 

all of the picture found here

Until Next Time, 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Girl look at that Body!"

With only about 14 more weeks left until my original goal I have decided to take my workout and diet to the next level. Our bodies respond to how hard we push them and let's just say I am pushing it to the MAX!

Here is my new workout routine...

Monday evening: walk/jog at least four miles with my son in stroller. 
Then doing workout video at home with weights.

Tuesday Morning: Walk/jog at least four miles with my son in stroller.
Tuesday Night: One hour Zumba Class.

Wednesday Morning: Working with my trainer for an hour.
Wednesday Night: Walk/jog at least four miles with son in stroller.

Thursday Morning: Walk/jog at least four miles with my son in stroller.
Thursday Night: One hour Zumba Class.

Friday Morning: Working with my trainer for an hour.
Friday Night: Walk/jog at least four miles with my son in stroller.

Started this schedule yesterday and let's just say I am already feeling it! After my workout with my trainer this morning I am going to have to crawl out of Zumba tonight, but I am going!!!

I am hoping that with this new routine will bring more toning and of course lower numbers on the scale and in my closet. 

So here they are.... My results for this week!!! 

Week 12 Results

Total weight loss 21 1/2 pounds

Inches off waist: 7 1/2
Inches off hips: 7
Inches off chest: 4 
Inches off thigh: 4 
When I started in January

When I started in January

2 weeks ago     and           Today 

2 weeks ago            and                Today 
What I can tell the most is that I have a lot more strength and energy. Things that use to seem impossible for me are now pretty easy. I can also tell when I'm not able to workout. My body seems almost weak!

I am so excited to keep this up and that I have made it almost 5 months!!!!

WooooHoooo =)

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mommy Meltdown...

Let me start by saying that my husband is an amazing husband and father. He works very hard to support myself and our son so that I can stay home with Clayton and we don't have to put him in daycare.

With that being said. I also work very hard. Being a mother and home maker is no easy task.

I keep the house clean, pay the bills, grocery shop, keep the laundry done, feed the baby, entertain the baby (while performing all of the above tasks!), have started cleaning a few houses to bring in extra money, trying to get my jewelry business going, bathe the baby, take care of the dogs, do all the cooking and dishes(we do not have a dish washer!), keep the maintenance  up on the vehicles, fix little things around the house.... 
the list goes on and on.

All I ask for is a few hours a week, actually 3 to workout without a baby in tote. 
The other 3 days a week that I work out he is with me either jogging or walking at the park. 

I need this time to be a better person. To not resent myself or to become to overwhelmed. 

I adore my son and LOVE being a mother. 
I just feel like that without a little time to ourselves and 
getting out of the house alone for a minute causes us to go crazy. 

Then I get to thinking and feel guilty for feeling this way. After all it's my job. 
I decided that I wanted to be a mother.

Then looking at it from the other side... 
is asking for 3 or 4 hours a week out of 168 hours that are in the week really a bad thing????

Does that make me a bad mother for wanting to get away for just a little while? 
I mean I am working out. Trying to improve myself. 

Just a few hours to take for myself not chasing a crawling baby around. 
To breathe and relax and do something that I really enjoy. 

I mean we are teething here and that alone is driving us both batty! 

So yes I had a meltdown today and with it came a ton of tears. I of course felt better once I got it out and after confiding in some wonderful people I realize that it's not a bad thing to need time to myself. 

I just have to remember I am only human. I am only one person. Just as my baby has needs so do I. 
I have put most of my needs 100% on the back burner, but for me to be the best mommy I can be every now and then I to need a little 'me time'. 

Try to remind myself of this


Until Next Time,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blessed beyond Measure

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and really had time to think about what Easter is really all about! I am so Thankful that I serve a living God who has blessed me more than words could ever say!

I am by no means a saint and I know I have plenty of room to grow in Jesus.
However I know who gives me the many blessings I receive day in and day out!

We had a wonderful day just simply spending time with family and relaxing! 
 Plus it was my Sweet Little Man's first Easter. 
Man is he getting big fast and I am not going to lie I did cry Sunday 
when thinking about the fact that he turned 9 months old. It goes so fast!

My Little "Old" Man

Love my Hubby <3

Okay so is it just me or am I the only one smiling

Love him so much

He loved the horse. (My husband is standing right there by the way)

Baby Goat kept trying to nibble his toes!

Feeding the Bull and Donkey with daddy.

My Boys <3

As you can see we had an amazing day and Clayton had a blast! 
He slept really good that night as well, so I got an awesome present from the Easter Bunny too. =)

Until Next Time,