Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunshine-y Day

It was a beautiful day here in Southeast Missouri. 
Since that isn't always the case we made the best of it and enjoyed some outside family time.

Got in some time visiting with family.
 Sat on the front porch and enjoyed the amazing weather.
Rode my bike. Played outside with Little man. Hubby grilled some yummy hamburgers. 
Cuddle time with Clayton.

I love days like today where we are busy enjoying the day and each others company. 
Since my hubby works so much we don't get many days like today and I cherish them when we get them.

Hope you all had a Beautiful weekend as well and made some wonderful memories with the ones you LOVE <3
These two steal my heart! Oh and I had to include the yummy burger. 

Love Bike Riding

The best part of my day!
What more is there to say other than I wish we had more days like today.
 It was simply amazing.

Until Next Time,


  1. i love all of these pictures! good to see my bike getting some use...makes me wish I had somewhere to ride it here :( and i love that pictures of clayton and jesse! too too cute.

    love you sister!

  2. Thanks Sis, and I will be putting it to good use for you! I Love and Miss you sooooo much.