Friday, April 6, 2012

Lia Sophia

In attempt to have some 'Me time' and to make a little extra money as well. 
I am now a Lia Sophia Independent Advisor!

I adore jewelry and believe a girl can never have to much jewelry. 
I also needed a way to keep my sanity and talk more than just baby talk all day long!

I love all the time with my son and that is why I do not want to go back to work Full Time.
I don't want to miss all those first and fun times he is going through right now. 

With this though I can work at my own schedule and 
only be away from him for a few hours at the most at a time. 

Plus I get to dress up in jewelry and have girl time! 

If that's not a winner than you tell me what is.

Looking forward to starting a new adventure, meeting new people and giving away FREE Jewelry!

Some of my New Lia Sophia Bracelet's


Love big bangles and blingy rings!

Until Next Time,
Ashley =)


  1. I'm jealous! I love the 2 bracelets in the first picture!

    love ya!