Sunday, February 17, 2013

31 Weeks and Growing...

Things have been a bit busier around here lately as 
my true nesting phase has set in. 

Trying to get all the things we need for little guy lined out.
Freezer Meal Planned and ready to go for after I deliver.

Stocking up on all the things I am going to need after delivery,
for myself and around the house.

Starting to get the hang of Meal Planning.
Keeping up with coupons and local savings. 
Preparing for all the things that will help our precious family
in adding a new little one.

This last week was full of emotional ups and downs.
Some days it's like all these extra hormones have a mind of their own.

The hubby and myself went on a much needed date night.
I never would have thought dinner and a movie could be 
so amazing for my spirit. It was wonderful!

Even though it has still been cold we have been trying to get out for at
least 30 minutes a day to get a little fresh air.

 I have been forcing myself to put on a little make-up and get dressed in 
clothes and not just sweat pants. 
It has help me feel a little more human. =) 

It is still so hard to believe that our little guy will be arriving in 
just a few short weeks. I can't wait to hold and love on him!

As anxious as I am. I am hoping he holds out as long as possible.
I feel like we still just have so much to get ready around here.

I hope his big brother is just as happy for him to be here as we will be.
It is hard to tell if he really understands completely what is going on.
That the 'Baby' in mommy's belly is going to come out and 
take up some of the attention he is use to getting.

He will just be 21 months when he becomes a Big Brother,
but I truly believe that he will be wonderful with his little brother.
It makes my heart melt to think of the bond and relationship 
they will have growing up so close together!

Well my laundry just got finished and I can barely hold my eyes open.
Doctor appointment in the morning for this momma.
Praying to hear everything is going well.

If you guys have any advice on preparing older siblings for a new baby.
Or preparing myself on how to handle two. Please Share!!!

Blessed Momma,

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