Friday, February 1, 2013

A Frugal Mom's Magic Potion!

It is no secret to many people just how awesome Coconut Oil is!

I am simply obsessed with the stuff. 
Being Pregnant can take a hard toll on your skin.
Stretch Marks, Dark Spots, Dry Skin, Circle's under your eyes...
The list could go on and on. 

Over the counter lotion and potions can cost a small fortune.
Half the time they don't really work. 

SO I Thought Why not make my own with something I already love?!

All you need to make the magic happen:

Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Oil 
and Essential Oil for scent (if you want it)

I plan to use this on my face, under eyes, growing momma belly.
And as an all over moisturizer for legs, arms, elbows, feet....

Possibilities are endless.

First take as much coconut oil as you would like.
I just made a medium size batch
(which was a little less than half a container)
 because this stuff goes a long way.
Put it in a bowl so you can mix it all together.

Next I added a few drops of Vitamin E oil. 
Then if you want add your favorite scent of essential oil.
I choose Lavender because it's my favorite!

Mix it well until it is a creamy consistency. 
Then place in an air tight container.

I didn't have any adorable little jars or anything,
so I settled for a small tupperware! =)

 This would make a great gift as well and you could make 
a few batches with one jar of coconut oil for super cheap!

I got all of the items you see here (excluding the tupperware) from 
a local health food store. I try to shop local as much as possible. 

You can get some essential oils and the coconut oil at Wal-Mart.
The coconut oil is on the baking isle and I believe 
the essential oils are by pharmacy. 

Okay so here are a few other ways I have personally used coconut oil...
But the list is endless and there are a tons more things I want to use it for.

Our Home Uses for Coconut Oil:

- Mix with Eucalyptus essential oil for your own Vicks. 

- Use it how it comes for diaper rashes. (I swear by this!!)

- Add to bath water to soften skin.

- Rub in damp hair let set and wash out to help with dry hair.
This is also just great to do in the summer time a couple of times.

- Add a tablespoon to shakes, drinks, or meals to boost immune system.

-Add a tablespoon a day to dogs water to help with bad breath.

- Great alternative to cooking oils. Natural and less fats.

- Add Tea Tree Oil to it and it relieves and gets rid of athlete's foot.

- Face Moisturizer. 

- To help heal sunburns.

- To heal Eczema.

- Put on bug bites or ringworms. 

There you have it,  just a few of the gazillion ways we have used coconut oil.
I would love to know how you use it as well.

This stuff truly is great because you can get it at a good price and use
it a ton of ways! I pick up a container of it almost every trip to the store.

I really should look into investing stock in it! =)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this broke momma's
tip to having awesome moisturizer at pennies of the cost.