Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bed Rest Survival Kit

Almost made it through week one of "strict bed rest."
Honestly I can't believe how easy this week has been for me.
Mentally I have handled it better than I thought I would.
Physically I get a little sore from not being able 
to get up and move around much.
Being able to move from couch, to recliner and 
bed has really given me a little
relief and much needed change of scenery! Lol

Letting some sunshine in

If this week has proven more than anything it's that I have the most amazing
Husband! He has been so supportive and wonderful with everything.
I don't what what I would do without him.
And if by any small chance I can get my sweet little man to 
slow down and love on me, 
those cuddles are better than anything else in the world.

Pure Bliss
Plus all of our awesome family and friends who have helped 
us out with our son and things around the house.
Saying we are blessed is an understatement.

Many people have asked me how I am doing this week.
How I am handling being on bed rest.

I can answer honestly say I am doing well.
Once I let go of all of the things I should be, need to be, ought to be doing.
This is just another one of life's mental challenges that I have to get thru.

My bed rest survival kit has really helped too!
And of course I am going to share that with you...

This momma's survival kit

- Our Family Binder to keep up with meal plans, budget and bills that need to be paid.
- Sketch book. for doodling and keeping myself busy.
- Journal. for getting my thoughts out and for my devotional time.
-Pens and Markers.
-Wallet. Incase I find something for our new "little guy" that we HAVE to get! =)
-Tissue for those uncontrollable pregnancy hormones and tears.
-Extra bottle water to stay hydrated.
-Healthy snacks. Nuts, granola bars, apples, granola and dried fruit.
-iPad for browsing the internet. devotional & bible. blogging. reading books. 
-Charger for iPhone and iPad.
-A calendar to mark off each day of bed rest I make it through.
-Hair brush, Chapstick, Fingernail file & clippers, lotion.

Plus my hubby rented me some movies. Got me a ton of magazines. 
and some candy bars for the occasional cravings!

This so far has been great for me. Just enough to help pass time.
There is only so much television one can stand 
and only so many times re-runs to be watched.

I have also been keeping a list of all the wonderful things
 our family and friends have been doing for us. 
As I will be getting together Thank you notes! 

Here is too surviving week one,

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