Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How I Really Feel at 29 1/2 weeks pregnant

I have always admired those blogs of pregnant moms with multiple kids.
You know the ones who always look fabulous!
Who rock their cute outfits, perfect make-up, high heels.
and Post about all these amazing feelings they have each week.

However this is going to be the complete opposite.
Surely you've already got that though since this is my first real 
pregnancy post and I will be 30 weeks on Saturday. 

Let's be honest having a toddler and being pregnant is hard work.
With my first pregnancy I could rest when I needed to. 
I could have all the time I needed to get ready 
and wear make-up and dress cute.

This time has proven to be a whole different ballgame. 
I can honestly say that most of the pregnancy pictures I do have 
I am in sweat pants and no make-up. It has been a cold winter,
it's just easier for me to keep me and my son inside!
Unless it's for church or a doctor appointment here lately 
I look a hot mess with unbrushed hair and hairy legs. =)

*note* I only have make-up on because we had just got
home from church.

Here are things I am lucky to do:
Wear real clothes... This means not pajama's
Worry about putting make-up on
Get anything done around the house
Have any energy what so ever
Sleep Well
Go one day without being miserable at some point
Go one day without obsessively worrying about something
Feel Cute. ever

Here are things I love about being pregnant:
Feeling my little guy move around
The bond that grows each day between my son and me
My huge belly... Stretch marks and all
The joy of growing our family
Imagining how close my boys will be
Preparing for our little ones arrival
Being blessed  enough for God to allow me to have babies!

And because I had a doctor appointment this week and got dressed in normal clothes...
Your lucky enough to get a picture of me not in pajama's.

There you have it. My 29 week pregnancy thoughts and pictures.

Momma Thoughts,


  1. I think you are a super cute mommy to be and mommy of a toddler. I remember those days of being tired and staying in your pj's all day. You do what you have to do. I think you are doing great, don't worry about all that other stuff. You seem to know what is important and that's all that matters. There will come a day when you have all the time in world for getting dressed up and putting on your make up and if you are like me, you will be wishing for it to be like it is now...Time flies so fast, so enjoy them as mush as possible. Good luck and best wishes for your growing faimly.

    1. Thank you! I love all the cuddle time with my son and sitting in the floor playing with cars. Cleaning the kitchen and floors can always wait until tomorrow! My son doesn't know the difference anyways. =)

  2. Haha---I agree, I am pregnant with two littles (4 and 2) and most days I'm wearing sweatpants or leggings!!!! Almost at the 30 week mark;) If you get a moment, check out our baby week at Lots of fun giveaways for little ones!


    1. Oh I love leggings!! Awesome giveaways as well!