Thursday, February 21, 2013

God Smacked...

Ever have those moments where God is 
trying to tell you the same thing over and over?
Mainly because you are to stubborn to listen the first time.
Well that happened to this girl just last night!

I fell off my pity party and straight into the lap of God.
What a wonderful place to fall if you ask me.

Let me share the story the way it happened.

Of course, dealing with the mental struggle of being put on
 strict bed rest has been one beast that has had me down.

Last night after a full day of being stuck in my head.
I received a message from a mentor and friend...

"Honey, God is telling you to LET GO!!!! 
Ashley, you can NOT have control this time! 
All those things you think have to be done, don't! 
Your son will love being in the bed with you while he colors, looks at books, 
plays on your computer/tablet,...just get comfortable with no control. 
It is so freeing!!!!!! 
That precious baby will come at the right time 
even if it doesn't match the DUE DATE. Have FAITH in God."

Even though I knew all of this already 
it is so much easier to hold on to what we think is best. 

When in all truth what we think is best rarely is. 
"Let Go and Let God!" 
Just keeps popping up in my head.

Then I decided to catch up on some devotional reading. 

As if the first day I read wasn't enough.
from Jesus Calling 
 God had to remind me again!...
from Jesus Calling
This left me smiling and shaking my head at myself. 
Am I so stubborn that God has to smack me down 
this many times in just a matter of minutes?

Why is it so hard for us humans to do what we need to and
 just let God lead us.  Obviously he knows what he is doing. 

After much hesitation and doubt on my part
 I am letting go and turning it all over to you, Lord. 
I am leaning on you. I will trust in your word, will and way.
I am giving you full control and know you will take care of us. Our situation.
You will make sure all that needs to get done will be taken care of! 
My hope is in you.



  1. Oh I love this post! I really needed to hear this! I struggle with letting God take control more than anything! And it's silly when you think about it! Because I am merely human and God is so much bigger and more! But some how it is still a struggle sometimes. And it's a lesson I've had to be reminded of over and over again! :) Thank you!
    1 Thessalonians 5:11

    1. I think sometimes we just need God to remind us of what he has already promised! =)