Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Must have's with a toddler and new baby!

Boy O' Boy! 
Life with two boys is such a crazy fun adventure. 
I really can't imagine it any other way.

But I will be the first to admit that there are some wonderful baby items
we wouldn't make it a day without. 

Since Having Aidan I have made the wonderful jump into cloth diapering.
I will post more on this soon. But we simply couldn't live without
some of our favorite wahm diapers we have found. 

Love our Calico Sunshine!

Calico Sunshine is by far everything wonderful when it comes to fluff!
The quality is the best and Ashley is the sweetest wahm ever.
I See France is new to our stash and was introduced to me by a friend .
 Such cute prints and very trim for my little guy.
The most recent that we have received is also proven to be a favorite go to is,
Dippee Dypee. She makes some wonderful fluff and I am hoping the training 
unders we also got help us get our toddler in gear for potty learning.

Something else new to us since having Aidan is baby wearing.
My oldest was never a fan but Aidan loves it and thankfully so.
Chasing a toddler with a newborn has proven challenging at time.
Our Ring Sling has been a lifesaver and I would be lost without it. 

There are so many choices out there for baby wearing. 
I needed something reasonable and functional and wraps just aren't my cup of tea.
I discovered Willow Tree Ring Slings from another wahm and fell in love.
I adore all she stands for and her product had outstanding reviews as well as 
an awesome price point! We love ours!!

The iPad is something else that has been great while I nurse Aidan.
I loaded tons of learning games and puzzles on there so Clayton can sit 
with us and I can still play with him while nursing the baby. 
It makes it easy for me to help him still feel included and keep him entertained.
Some of our favorite Apps are Woozle wood puzzle, My Very First App, and Seek and Find.

Sleeping is always something that is proven to be difficult with a new baby and 
with Aidan having reflux that has shown to be more difficult this time around then 
with my oldest. In a mommy group I had seen people rave about the 
Rock n Play's. They were out when I had Clayton but I hand't heard of them.
Boy am I thankful I got one this time around.
Since we started putting Aidan in it to sleep we get some 4 to 5 hours spurts of sleep.
Now every night is different, but he sleeps so well in it. 
It it about level with our bed and makes night time breastfeeding sessions so simple.

close by while mommy does laundry
And of Course the number one thing to help with a new baby is the entertainment 
of your toddler! Aidan is mesmerized by Clayton. 
He loves his big brother and could watch him for hours.
And Clayton is such a wonderful big brother. He is so attentive and sweet to Aidan.
I try to make sure to include him as much as I can and it really helps. 

Oh and we couldn't make it thru one day without tons of cuddles, kisses, hugs and love!

The products and wahm's I mentioned are in no way reimbursing me or am I receiving 
anything for sharing the information of their products.
 I simply love them all and wanted to share them with my readers! 


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