Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Post: What Being a SAHM means to Rachael McAdams

I am super pleased to have the very sweet Rachael with us today to tell us about 
her life at home with her precious twins!! 
Rachael loves to write and share her stories. 
She hasn't developed her blog yet but is in the works and I am very pleased 
to have her share with us here today! 
You can follow her on Twitter @livealittlenyc.
So make sure to go and check her out!!!

What being a SAHM means to me and advice for new moms
No matter how much you try to prepare for being a stay at home mom (SAHM),
 you don’t know what it will be like until you are home with you baby…
or in my case two babies!
 Some days it is tough, but most days it is wonderful. 
Like most things in life, it is what you make of it.
I know many mothers struggle with the decision as to whether or not to stay home. 
“Can we afford for me to stay home” versus “I don’t want to go back”
 often looms heavy when maternity leave comes to an end. 
It makes it even harder to go back when you are
 sleep-deprived but happy about what being a new mother means to you. 
Everything is still so new and beautiful; you never want to be without your babies.
 The small laugh of my twin girls was such a wonderful sound – 
I could never get tired of it!
There are some women who feel like they need to “defend” their decision to stay home.
 My advice to you is this – don’t. 
Everyone’s decision to stay home or not is a very personal one and you owe no one an explanation. Ultimately it comes down to what will be right for you and your family.
 What I can say is that for my family it has been the absolute 
right decision and we have never looked back!
There are days I fall into a chair after my babies are asleep feeling completely exhausted;
 surrounded by baby toys and bouncy seats and wondering if I am ever going to get things organized. Most days, however, I try to enjoy each moment, no matter what is going on, 
and remember that a time will come when my two little babies will be adults and
 I will wonder where the time went!
A day in our home is more than likely very similar to other families with small children and a SAHM. Wake up early, start a load of laundry, change diapers, prepare bottles, get the husband off to work, make some coffee (I am a Starbucks coffee kind of girl);
 the day is off to its usual busy start. 
Depending on the day, there could be a baby music class scheduled, 
or just a walk outside if the weather is nice.
 Like many new moms, my mother gave me some advice and
 I have tried hard to remember it.
Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is a biggie. Rest when they rest and be thankful for it when you can get it.
NEVER wake a sleeping baby. No matter who comes by for a visit, if your baby,
or in my case babies, are asleep, let them stay that way.
Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. 
Just because things are hectic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.
 Take your children outside and play with them in the park. Read them stories.
 As we’ve all heard, in the blink of an eye they will go 
from crawling around the living room to graduating from college. Make sure you enjoy them as much as you can.
Take lots of photos! Thanks to digital cameras, so many people today are trying to get that
 “perfect” photo and delete the ones that are “less than perfect.” 
Don’t delete them! Think about when you were little;are your favorite photos the ones that are staged?
 Or the ones of you having a water fight in the kitchen with your little brother shot by your grandfather…until your mother caught you? Those candid shots are the best ones to use to make neat little items from;
for either your family as gifts or just for yourself! 
For example, everyone has an iPhone or smart phone today;
 so use one of those cute and silly shots and make a custom iPhone case with it.
 I really like all the different ways you can create iPhone cases on Tiny Prints’ website.
Like I said, at the end of the day, the decision as to whether or not to 
stay home is very personal and isn’t one to be made in haste. 
You need to talk it out with your family and think about both sides of the equation. 
What I can tell you is that I have never regretted the decision. 
To me, being a mom is the most important job I could ever do!

Thank you so much Rachael for joining us and I hope to have you back again soon!

Much Love,

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