Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's been a year

It doesn't seem possible that it has been a year since I last wrote. I needed the break though.
It has been a very FULL last year and really way to much to catch you up on in one post.
I will start with today… 
Today I am focusing on myself. 
I am fighting my own demons and trying to be a stronger person. 
Today I am being Healthy. Today I am on a journey to a better me. 
After baby #2 I had no drive to work out. No will to want to. 
Well, after hitting my all time highest weight while not pregnant…. 
228 pounds. GASP! (It's a really big deal for me that I just shared that) 
I decided it was a time for a change. Not a mild change, a BIG one. 
I began researching clean eating and made up my mind I will do this. No magic potions or pills. Saturday will be a month of NO soda, 
Clean eating with very few cheats, and working out.
 Still struggling to work out as much as I should.
 Then comes the next goal: I will work out every day for the next month. No matter what! 
I am down 16 pounds and my clothes are definitely getting bigger. 
I am starting to feel better and have more energy.
 I am sharing my story, because I hope to inspire someone,
just as I have been inspired by so many other awesome people who with dedication get to their goals. So hang on tight folks its going to be a bumpy ride. 
This is a true struggle and I can't wait to get to my end goal! =) 

Shine on Lovlies,
Ashley M

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