Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting less squishy!

Today was a good day for me as far as my eating goes. I only ate clean. No temptations or wants of anything else. Getting myself in the mindset to workout tonight took some persuading! I did it. 
I pushed myself hard and I am so glad I did. I am seeing changes, feeling better and loving it! 
Mind you I know I still have a long way to go until I am at my goal. 
This is a start though and I couldn't be prouder of myself. 
If you look really close you can see that I am less squishy than a week ago! =)

I have had a lot of people ask me what I am doing? How am I losing weight? Let me first say A LOT of soul searching. Getting pass the food itself and focusing on why I turn to it. Once I made my mind up I knew I wanted to change my lifestyle, not just do a quick diet and gain it all back in a year or so. For me to do that I knew I had to cut all the crap and crud I was putting in my mouth multiple times a day. So NO sugar, NO fast food, NO soda's, NO processed foods! The things I just listed were pretty much all I ate. Take all of that out and what do you do? Start fresh. Eat CLEAN!  My sister and a few other people I know have been eating clean for awhile. As I began to research it and look into it I knew that it was something I could do with a little work and a lot of preparation. Prep is key with clean eating for me. Having things ready to go, so I can just grab when I get hungry. Or when I am so busy with the kids I don't have time to make something healthy. With my research I found an awesome blog that has some great grocery list that you can just print off. 
Then I started a clean eating board on Pinterest. 
You can find my board here:
Each week on either Sunday or Monday night I prep my food for the whole week. 

For Breakfast:
I make a large batch of steel cut oatmeal and put it into pint size jars so I can grab and warm up and go. I put 1/2 a cup in the jar and I add a little almond milk when I go to warm it up. Also, I put raw honey, cinnamon, and apple or banana in it.  

If I want something different I will portion out fat free vanilla greek yogurt and add healthy granola I got from a local health food store. 

Days I am running behind I will throw frozen fruit, spinach, almond milk and fat free greek yogurt if I have it into the blender. 

I keep carrots cut up, apples with natural peanut, banana with a little raw honey. 

I grill a whole package of the hormone free frozen chicken.
Cook a big batch of brown rice and steam healthy green veggies.
Then I will portion it out into tupperware for the week. I switch up the veggies each day. 
Some days I will just make a spinach salad and add tomato, onion, strawberries, cucumber. 
I do one of the above listed in between lunch and dinner. 

I will do fish or chicken with a veggie most nights. 
Sometimes I will make a burrito type bowl and add brown rice, black beans, chicken, onion, green pepper. 

Or if I am in the mood I will do egg whites and make a veggie omelet. 

So far these have been my go to items and if I cut everything up and get it portioned out each week then it helps a ton!!! Trust me when I say if I can do tho you can. 
First, be ready and have it in your mind that you can do this! Take pictures so you can see the process. It's hard to see yourself, but it does help. Find a friend or someone that can help hold you accountable, so that when you are having a bad day you can message them and they can give you that extra push that you may not have been able to muster. Most importantly believe in yourself! 
Know that you are strong enough and you can do it!!!
If you want more meal pictures or would like to follow my journey more closely you can find me on Instagram as ANMCGOWAN! 

Shine on Lovelies! 

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