Monday, June 30, 2014

Clean Eating Meal Prep

For me meal prep is the number one things for me to succeed! 
Each week on either Sunday or Monday evening I set aside a hour or so and prep my meals for the week. This has been a huge part of me sticking with it. 
I mainly just prep for breakfast and dinner since I am running out the door to work 
in the morning and need something to eat while there.
 Dinners are easier for me to prepare on the spot since I am home at night. 
First,  I start by making a large batch of uncut steel oats. 
In the morning all I have to do is a little almond milk,  raw honey or cinnamon 
and I like to add fruit to it as well.
 I portion this out into wide mouth pint jars so that i can just take it with me and eat it from the jar. 
1/2 Cup Uncut Steel oats cooked and ready to be reheated! 

Then I make a big batch of brown rice. I make enough to portion out for 6 days and have a little left over for home that I will have for dinner as well. I add about a 1/2 a cup  into my lunch container. 

I grill six chicken breast. I portion them out into my lunch and then it 
leaves me with some for at the house as well. 
 The ones I use are large so about half is good for my lunch! 

This is the chicken I use and I buy it frozen from Walmart

Then I steam 2 to 3 different veggies so I don't get burnt out eating the same thing. 

I put the brown rice on the bottom and chicken and veggies on top.

While prepping I also cut up veggies and fruit so that they are easy for me to grab. 
This way when I want a snack or for me to make a smoothie if I am in a hurry.
 I try not to let to long go in between meals and snacks or I start craving things I don't need! 
I also cut up veggies to throw into egg whites or in with the brown rice to make a veggie bowl. 

Cutting up fruits and veggies for the week!

Some of my go to meals are:
 Grilled Salmon with veggies.
Spinach Salad with veggies, fruit and an organic vinaigrette.
Veggie Brown rice bowls and I add chicken sometimes.
Grilled Chicken with veggies.
Veggies on the grill with grilled pineapple.
Rarely, but sometime Grilled Turkey Sausage.
Stuffed Bell peppers with brown rice and ground turkey.

Some Go To Snacks:
Greek Yogurt with fruit and healthy granola.
Apple with natural peanut butter.
Banana with raw honey. 
Smoothie if I am really hungry or to follow up a hard workout.
A cup of fruit with Almonds.

This is just some of what I do and I will be sharing some clean recipes and new things I try as well! 
Try to take the time to prepare your meals before hand. 
It helps me when I am in a hurry as well as with my mindset before the week has even begun. 

Oh and because I am SUPER EXCITED! I have lost 19.5 pounds!! Still a lot more to go, but I am looking forward to it and the Journey ahead of me. 

Shine on Lovelies,
Ashley M.

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