Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bathroom Re-do

We moved into our new house in February and as much as we love it we did not 
love the many different kinds of wall paper that was well, everywhere. 
We are doing all the work ourselves and since everything is so flippin' expensive 
we are doing it a little at a time.
 The Hubby finally got around to fixing the walls and texturing them for me. 
So I got straight to painting and hanging pretty stuff! =) 
The light fixture was a light wood color so a can of bronze spray paint fixed that. 
A trip to Hobby Lobby and some 1/2 price items and coupons 
later we completely redid our main bathroom for just around $115!!! 
I love how it turned out and how much we saved! =) 

Here are some Before and Afters



Here is a better picture of the light fixture

I am so excited that I am ready to tackle the kitchen and laundry room!
Then I remember they both have A LOT of wall paper. 

Shine on Lovelies,
Ashley M

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