Monday, July 28, 2014

Before and after my 30 day challenge

When I decided to begin my personal 30 day challenge I had hit a plateau. 
My weight loss had stopped for a few weeks and I wasn't working out 
as much as I could have been. 3 times a week at max and I wasn't seeing any true results that way.
 I decided I would workout everyday for 30 days straight  for at least an hour each day. 
There were days I didn't want to and even one day (day 26) that I didn't. 
YES I missed day 26, literally 4 days from finishing. 
Who does that?! I was a little hard on myself and felt like I let myself 
down but I pushed through and added a day. =) 

In the end I am super happy with my results! Not only did I start losing weight again.
I lost 13 pounds in those 31 days.
I wish I had taken measurements, but I didn't. I did however lose another pants size.
Went down a bra and panty size. Plus another shirt size! 

I pushed myself hard. I rotated weights, cardio, workout videos, jogging and yoga.

Some days I didn't want to. Like Really. Didn't. Want. To! 
However, I did. Each time I did I felt better. 
Each day passing I get a little stronger. 

Now that my 30 (31)  day challenge is over, I probably won't continue to workout everyday. 
I will be working out at least 5 days a week! 

Some of my favorite things about working out:
How great I feel afterwards
Sweating. Yes I said sweating. It is great to know I am getting somewhere and working hard.
My energy level
The adrenaline it gives me
How much better I am sleeping
Getting stronger 
Feeling better about myself
And the best part… My clothes all getting too big! 

June 25th is the left and July 26th is the right!

When you think you can't remember you can and push yourself. 
Push hard and you will start seeing the results you want and 
don't stop until you are where you want to be! 

Much Love,
Ashley M

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