Thursday, June 26, 2014

Traveling with Toddlers

Let me start by saying that I have had many great ideas before. Driving 12 hours in a car with 2 under 3 probably wasn't the best idea. First, I decided that on the way down there we would leave at 3:00AM. This way the boys would go back to sleep and we would get more time in without having to stop so much while they rested. Haha... Did they prove me wrong. Both wide awake, bright and bushy tailed. Neither of them had any plans to go back to sleep. Then try telling you 2 year old that your going to see his Mimi and he thinks we will be there in the time it takes us to get to Walmart. Not 12 hours. Less than an hour in and both of them were done and I was ready for a strong dose of something... Don't worry I was driving so I just dealt with it as I was losing my mind and debating on finding a therapist as soon as we arrived in Florida. As the day progressed it got worse. My oldest refused the coloring books and crayons, the books I packed him were used as missiles to throw at his brother as he tried to sleep. The iPad stopped working and no matter how much I insisted Curious George was going to play over and over again. Because, he refused for me to change it. His shoes became cannons to throw at my head. The carefully packed box of snacks organized in the middle of the car seats just like Pinterest showed was also an epic fail. Crushed all over my car and ammo for both boys, I was holding back tears at only half way through. We stopped more often to let the boys out of the car and burn some energy. That just made it worse. They then fought getting back in the car as if the world would end right then if they were strapped back in. I won't lie I felt the same way!!! Ready to be there and be done with all of the craziness we rushed the last stop and in my hurried panic chasing my toddling 14 month old I tripped, hit the curb and fell. Pretty sure there was a roll and bounce in there as well. Now bruised, broken and sore. I pick myself up and we trucked on. 
We finally made it to Florida after being in the car for 12 hours. The trip ended up being great. I love seeing our family and other than the typical tantrums and toddler melt downs it was over all worth the pain of getting there. Thank the Lord the way home wasn't near as disastrous and chaotic! My tip to anyone traveling that far with young ones.... It isn't for the faint of heart. =)



  1. What a trip that trip was. Maybe it made it more memorable (but I doubt it). Five years ago we drove 16 hours to Maryland for my brother's wedding with a 5 and 2 year old. Luckily our trip was a lot more smooth than yours was. Yours was exactly how I expected mine to be.

    1. I will say the way home was much better. The trip there not so much! =)