Friday, June 27, 2014

The day I turned down a candy bar...

Hi, my name is Ashley and I am addicted to food. If I have a stressful day and instead of making a drink or finding some other recreational substance to make me feel better I eat a cheeseburger. Or a candy bar. Or maybe even a whole thing of cookie dough. With many struggles mentally and physically I haven't turned to food in almost a month! Yesterday was a tough day for me. Dealing with tons of inward struggles and personal fights. I wanted a candy bar. I had one at home that was bought in a moment of weakness that I didn't eat. Being quickly reminded by a dear friend that eating the candy bar wouldn't help me feel better I put it down and went on to my workout. I worked out harder and pushed myself harder than I have in a long time! It felt great. I didn't eat that candy bar. It is still where it was before I wanted it. Hold on though the story gets better. Last night my hubby brought me one home when he got off work. He thought I may want it and normally I would have ate it in 2 seconds without thinking about it. However, that candy bar joined the other and is now on the shelf awaiting its fate that will come from someone other than me!! I am proud of this milestone and my strength. I know I can bet this and be a healthier me!

After I kicked my own butt during my workout! 

Shine on Lovelies,

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