Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Babies Cry A LOT.

I try with this blog to be relatable. 
Putting things into perspective when sugar coating them just isn't any good.
While I love my boys more than I could ever express with words, 
and they bring me more joy than anything else.
That isn't what this post is going to be about. 
I know how blessed I am and I never for one second doubt that!!


More times than not when people refer to having babies 
it is all about the joy and happiness they bring into your life.

YES this is true. They are simply amazing. 

But most of the time people don't tell you about all the stress and anxiety 
that comes along with it to... 

They don't tell you to establish your support group before you have kids,
because you will need it. 

The truth is kids cry a lot! 
Aside from changing their diaper, feeding them and 
trying to comfort them. 
When this all fails they can't tell you what is wrong with them.

As a momma. It breaks your heart. 
To see your little one upset and not know how to fix it.
More times then not when in this position I have cried with my
 little one completely lost at what exactly to do.
SO we walk the floor, or rock and sing, or bounce
and cry together. 

I know that if it wasn't for my supportive husband who 
is such a help I would feel like I was simply losing my mind sometimes.

None of this makes me a bad mother. It is just a simply fact of having children.

I can imagine as my boys grow older there will be many more tears that I shed.
Completely lost at what I should do. 
The fact is as mothers we want to do what is best for our little's.
We never want them to hurt, cry, be sad, or sick.
I know that I would take any of those things over my boys having to have them.

In life though that isn't an option. So we comfort them. 
Hold them close. Love them and lead them the best we can.

But we also have to learn that we can't do this alone. 
I know that I need my husbands help.
I need other mommy's to talk to about my crazy days.
I occasionally need a break so I can unwind and be the best
 momma I can be for my boys. 

Even though my kiddo's are my world. I can't forget about myself.
If we don't make time for ourselves every now and then 
we get burnt out. Stressed. Overwhelmed. 

Even if this means going to the grocery store by yourself. 
Make time for yourself because no one else will!

Don't forget how important you are as well.

Don't try and be Wonder Woman.
Even if you can do it all, it doesn't all have to be done in one day! 
Enjoy the little moments. They go fast.

Take other peoples opinions as a grain of salt. 
Lets face it people are judgmental. Its just in our make-up.
I have been hurt plenty of times by this but at the end of the day,
I have to remind myself not to let others bother me.

Not to brag, but. I am a freaking AWESOME mother!
My boys are well taken care of much more ahead of myself and 
I would do anything in he world for them. 
They are if nothing else I have ever done, the one thing in my life 
I know I do right by. No one can change this. 
No one has a right to tell me otherwise.

Always stand up for yourself and never let people run you over. 

Stay strong and find comfort and guidance from those who 
encourage and support you 100%!!

There is no other job in the world as important as 
raising a child. Remind yourself your remarkable.


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