Monday, September 3, 2012

The bedroom is for sexy time and sleeping.

Spent most of our day Saturday deep cleaning our house. 
All of this started with needing to get down and dirty and clean our
master bedroom. We live in an older home and the return vent it in our room.
So this means the dust likes to gather there.

Here is the down low. 
The night before I went to lay in my nice clean bed and got attacked!
By a dust bunny the size of a small dog that flew off my ceiling fan.

I mean really I knew it was bad but I NEVER turn the fan off so,
I didn't really know how bad it was. 
This then leads to my huge rant on how we are spending the time cleaning 
on Saturday. With me being back to work the deep cleaning has been neglected.

This is how it started...

Cleaning the walls, washing the curtains, vents, fan, all the pictures on the walls. 
Moving and vacuuming under everything.
Then rearranging, hanging pictures in new places, taking down stuff I didn't really like.

DUH, duhhh, Duhhhh...

Removing the television from our bedroom!

Yes this happened folks. My hubby actually agreed to take the television out of our room.
I don't remember the last time I didn't have a television in my bedroom.

I can honestly say I have slept better. 
When I go to bed I can relax instead of feeling obligated to find something to watch.

I mean not that the television takes away from our mommy/daddy "Happy Time."
But it is nice to know that Family Guy won't be rooting us on in the back ground anymore. ;)

There you have it blog friends my huge accomplishment of the century!
We will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony to release this new relaxing 
room of our house. 
It's private though so don't show up or be anywhere within a 20 mile radius.
I warned you! Anything you hear is all your fault and something you will have to live with.

For real though. 
How many of you are television free in the mommy/daddy love den?! 

On a Fun note. Not that this whole Shebang isn't Fun.
Don't forget to share about the giveaway I'm hosting. 
It ends tomorrow at MIDNIGHT and I will announce the Winner Wednesday
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thought this was cute

Smile Big Loves,


  1. hilarious!! Love it. My hubby and I have actually had a long standing rule NO TV in our room! I think it is better for "our" time!

    Good job


    1. I agree! I wish we would have done it sooner. Not to mention they are such an eye sore.

  2. I hate the TV in our room. I also hate waking up to infomercials when we forget to turn it off before falling asleep. Your story gives me hope that I may someday win the argument!

    1. Goodluck in your mission: remove television from bedroom!