Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Lately

Life as a working momma is definitely even busier than I thought it would be.
Not much down time. Or 'Me' time to be factored in.

Finding ways for me to unwind and relax have become a lot slower pace.
Trying to find peace and comfort wherever I can to help
 my mind rest as well as my body.

What I have been listening to A LOT lately

What I am reading when I can squeeze it in

I am currently on book 2

Getting lost in my thought 

I will be honest since the 5K I haven't really put much time into running.
Things have just been so crazy busy with work and keeping the house up.
Plus since I am working so much I feel guilty to do 
anything, but spend time with my son in the evenings.
Not to mention I don't want to do anything but spend time with him!

I will get it back into the schedule soon. 
Its something I enjoy and miss to much not to fit it back in. 

I would be lying if  I said I wasn't ready for the weekend. 
 Ready for the weekend and time at home with my Loves!
I am pooped this week.

Shine on Lovelies

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