Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wow is it Wednesday?

Where has this week gone? I can't believe it is already Wednesday.
I honestly don't remember when that happened. I have been so out of it this week.
Still busy with work and of course all my momma and house duties.
I feel as if I am just in a fog. 

Even nights when I get enough sleep I am waking EXHAUSTED.

I am Thankful Little Man has been sleeping well so I am at least I am getting to rest.

Glad he is finally feeling better.
 But why oh why do I have to feel this way each day.
Like I am viewing everything behind a cloud. 
I know it's all just catching up with me.
So my plans this weekend is to do 

I am going to keep my tushy super busy this week, getting everything caught up.
This way come this weekend I'm not fighting laundry, dishes, or a dirty house.
I am going to stay in my pajama's and be super lazy.

Since I love it I will throw in tons of time playing with my Son.
Rolling around with the toys all over the floor.
Yep, this sounds perfect to me and will be what I am doing all weekend! 

I am also going to go ahead and make a family memo, 
so my husband doesn't say I didn't warn him. 
I am not cooking either! Just making what my son needs to eat. 
Everyone else can fend for themselves. =)

Now in a perfect world this all would happen.
Let's see if I can stick to my guns and actually do this. I always give in!
Mainly because I get tired of sitting around. 
I don't think that will happen this time though.

Thought I would share somethings I am loving right now in my life.
Trying to find the positive and remove anything that 
doesn't reflect or make me feel happy. 
So these are things in my life I am LOVING!

I am Loving my Wonderful Husband. He is so supportive and such a great father!

Family camping trip

I am Loving how much fun my Son is. He is constantly learning new things.
This age is just such a blast!

I am Loving the extra time I am getting to spend with some of my favorite people.
I got two weekends in a row with my cousin/best friend and it was great.

Bailey & Me

I am Loving all of the new adventures in my life right now. 
I ran my first 5K this weekend and it was amazing.

I am Loving getting fit and finally starting to feel good about my body for the first 
time in a long time. Plus I am doing it the healthy way. =)

I am Loving the weather changing. It makes me happy from the inside out.

the color run

I am Loving getting my house uncluttered even more. I love when things are put up.

I am Loving working and being able to help my family.

I am Loving my morning coffee time.
 It really has become a time for me to reflect, and focus on the day ahead. 

coffee and apple juice

Until Next Time,


  1. The color run looks like so much fun. I signed up for a mudrun and I am a little okay alot freaked out.


    1. I have heard the mud run is a blast too! Just have fun with it that is all that matters anyways. Let me know when you post pictures!