Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wow is it really August?!

Okay I'm not going to lie it;s August and that kinda freaks me out a little! 
I mean really the year is over half way over. When did that happen? 
I mean as I get older the years seem to go by so much faster. 

This got me thinking. 

The year is pass it's half way mark and 
where am I with the goals I set for myself starting the NewYear?!
Going back through my post and when I first started my little bloggy blog in January was fun too.

My Goals for 2012...
1) Start a Blog
2) Lose my extra baby weight that I gained by my Son's first birthday. July 8th
3) Eat healthier
4) De-Clutter our home of all things we do not need or use
5) Get caught up on our Debt
6) Work on keeping that loving feeling in my Marriage
7) Keep things Organized
8) Spend tons of time playing with and enjoying my Son as much as I possibly can!

I can happily report that I have done over half of these already.
Getting down to the Nitty Gritty of things.

I haven't got that caught up on debt. Okay Okay I won't lie we are still about in the same place.
I mean we pay the bills that need to be paid but we haven't paid extra like I wanted to.

I haven't stuck to eating as healthy as I would like. 
I mean I try and I am definitely doing better than I was.
 This is however still a work in progress.

De-Cluttering of the home is always in full effect around here! 
It's come along way for sure but the toys have multiplied and that is next 
on my to do list....and then comes Christmas comes.

Now on to the things I have so 
diligently stuck with and accomplished.

Starting my little blog here. And I love it! I love all the awesome people I have met.
The way it has allowed me to open up and not hold all my feelings in.
I seriously adore the blogging world and all the awesome people in it.

Losing my extra baby weight. I am currently on my way to obtaining my goal
of getting into the pants I could wear when I met my hubby 5 years ago.
Oh just so you guys all know its going to happen before the end of this year! 

Keeping that lovin' feeling in my marriage.... Done and Done. 
After we had our son well I felt less than pretty and let things in the hubby 
department get shoved to the back burner. 
I am proud to report that is no longer the case! We are better than we were when we first meet.
I will be a sap and say I honestly love him more now than I ever have.

Keeping things organized has actually gotten better and easier as the year has went on.
Just have to tackle and find the toys taking over my living room some better storage.

Spends tons of time playing with and enjoying my son as possible!!! 
This is my absolute favorite and has defiantly been accomplished and will continue to be.

Just a few of the many. We love cuddle time if you can't tell. =)

I guess you can say over all I am doing pretty good this year, 
Considering I normally make it a month or two and quite most of the goal I set for myself.

A few things I am looking forward to in August!

THE COLOR RUN my very first ever 5K race and I am stoked. 
"Look out y'all Momma's got this!"

Family camping weekend.

Time on the boat on the Lake.

Enjoying the rest of the Summer to it's fullest!

Hope you guys have made it to some of the goals you set for yourselves.
What are the goals you really wanted to do this year? Or the one's you haven't had a chance to do?

I'm off to bed loves I have another LONG day tomorrow.

I want you all to know I haven't forgotten about my Giveaway I am going to do 
for all of you awesome people who have helped me get over 50 Followers. I'm at 62 now. 
Keep yours eyes posted going to try and get it ll together to run next week!!!! 

With Much Love,


  1. Your blog is super cute! Let us know how the Color Run goes cause i've been wanting to do one since i first heard about them.

    1. Thanks for finding me!!! The Color Run in St. Louis is on the 18th I promise to post all about it!

  2. LOVE LOVE the list!!! I am doing the color run in San Diego in November!! so much fun - and what is your secret to weight loss? I NEED TO GET ON IT!!! i wanna fit in my jeans I wore when i first met alex 2 years ago!!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Honestly just working out a on! I try to mix it up with running,cardio classes and some weight training! That way my body doesn't get use to me doing the same thing. So love that we are doing the same 5k. I can't wait for it!