Monday, August 6, 2012

Love Me Monday!

Loving that Rockin' Momma 
is hosting this fun Link-up. 
Especially since I tend to be so hard 
and negative toward myself. 

I Love Me Monday is just that, loving who you are! 
Step out from behind the camera and embrace your beauty!

There will be 3 questions listed for you to answer and submit with your self portrait!

1. What do people compliment you on the most? 
My hair and I have to say most of the time I love my hair.

2. Your greatest accomplishment? 
Honestly, my Son he is my everything and I am so proud to be a momma!

3. Do you consider yourself to have an old or young soul? 
An old soul. But, I guess in some aspects I am still a big kid! 

Now your turn! Have fun! 
Rock With Me
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Answer The Questions
Self Portraits Only
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  1. you have a beautiful face too! :)

    I agree too, I still act like a kid...but love so much old shit. it that makes any sense lol

    thanks for linking up with me! you made me a happy hooker!

  2. Thanks honey! Loved the link up and since your full of fun link ups I plan to join you again soon! ;)

  3. I love your link up. Love your ink and your photo!