Tuesday, August 14, 2012

InstaTuesday: Family Camping Trip

So we went camping this weekend.
Let's just say it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. 
I was by no means expecting to really rest and relax while trying to camp with 
a teething 13 month old but I wasn't expecting it to be as crazy as it was. 

I won't really go to much into it. However I will say that only getting 3 hours total 
at the river in 3 days was not enough. =( 
On the positive side! The weather was gorgeous. 
The food was delicious. My son loved all the playtime outside. 
Even though it wasn't what I was expecting,
it is definitely a moment I will always treasure in my heart.

What better way to share our pictures than through the eyes of Instagram. 
I didn't get many because honestly I didn't have my phone with me much.
I will also be completely honest and say I loaded these to instagram before I started this post.
Didn't have great service while camping so I wasn't able to do it at the moment taken. 

I hope we get to go again before it gets cold. It was absolutely beautiful!

just me. on our way for the weekend.

my sweet family. love the 2 more than anything else.

big springs. Beautiful!

love those baby blues!

Momma's little Monkey

love this girl. wish we lived closer

Big Springs. Amazing

Okay not from this weekend but Steak & Rice I made last week.
 Check out my guest post at abcde today for the recipe!

There you have it. The few pictures I captured from my son's first camping trip.
I know FAIL on my part. I have to get better at taking more pictures.
Wish I would have got some of him in the water. He loved it. 
I hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday and go link up with the beautiful Jane at Taingamala.
1. Because I said so. ;)
2. I want to see you wonderful pictures!

Smile Lovelies,


  1. Awe looks like you guys had fun! I want to take my daughter camping.

    1. He loved it!!! The weather was perfect for it too.

  2. I'm sorry camping wasn't what you expected but I love all your pictures! It looks absolutely beautiful. I can't get over how blue the water is. Your family is so cute!! I was so excited for the recipe but it doesn't look like she has posted it yet. I'll check back later because I am getting that recipe! lol Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks, It was beautiful! The recipe will be up tomorrow. Just a slight miscommunication on my part! Make sure to check it out!!!