Friday, January 20, 2012

Goals, Not Resolutions.

First off let me just say that I will get better with doing this more often. I have been SUPER busy this week with one of my many goals for the new year! I decided this year that I would set Goals for myself and not the traditional New Years Resolution. Yes I know it's pretty much the same thing, but it works better for my mind set and seems more attainable this way! = ) So here they are...
1) Start a Blog
2) Lose my extra baby weight that I gained by my Son's first birthday. July 8th
3) Eat healthier
4) De-Clutter our home of all things we do not need or use
5) Get caught up on our Debt
6) Work on keeping that loving feeling in my Marriage
7) Keep things Organized
8) Spend tons of time playing with and enjoying my Son as much as I possibly can!

   So Far I started on all of these and I am, and will continue to work on them all! The one I have been super busy with this week and am loving is De- Cluttering our home. Everyone has that "Don't get rid of that I am going to have a Yard Sale pile." can understand where I am coming from. Well ours had taken over a whole storage unit and home. Soooo, thanks to my amazing neighbor who started a local Buy, Sell, Trade page on Facebook. I have been inspired to get rid of all the extra stuff that we have crammed into all the nooks and crannies in our not very big home! I have been a mad woman taking pictures of every other thing and posting it to this sight. Simply using the rule of thumb if I haven't used it in over two weeks or never really liked it in the first place, it's gone. I am the worse about keeping things just  because someone gave it to me or because I might use it in 5 years when i decide to make waffles.... With a new baby and all the extra stuff you need to take care of the baby, entertain the baby or that you will need to keep for the next baby we have in 3+ years we simply just don't have anymore room. My goal is to get rid of 5 things a week that we do not use or need  and to keep doing this throughout the year. I feel that if I can keep this up I will not only be making a little extra money, or helping someone that needs it, I will also be clearing my home of all the extra piles of "stuff" that collect over time! So here is my challenge for you guys... Try doing something similar,  keep in mind not to keep something just because you bought it, keep it because you use it or need it! See if you have any local groups where you can post the things you want to get rid of, you  might make a little pocket change. Or  donate to a local shelter what you don't want to sell. Hope you have the same luck I have been having getting rid of stuff and as much fun. I mean how often do you get to make some extra money getting rid of things and meet new people from you area at the same time.

Until Next Time
<3 Ashley 

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