Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012.... Getting Started

Okay so I'm just going to jump in and start swimming... This last year brought on tons of new things and amazing adventures for me. The main and most important, the birth of my Son and only child Clayton Eli. During my pregnancy my husband and myself went back and forth on what we were going to do as far as myself working, child care, or me becoming a stay at home mother. We decided that if we budgeted our finances and saved as much money as possible that I would stay at home and take care of our son. Not to mention I didn't want to miss all of those fun first that he was going to experience. You know how everyone tells you that your life is going to drastically change when you have a child. Well let's just say I knew that was going to be true, but I didn't know how much I was going to love all of the amazing changes this little human being was going to bring our way. I love who I am as a mother! I love how much more aware I am of the things around me, in my home, what we eat and what I buy. So I decided (with a lot of persuasion from my sister) that I would start a blog. Mainly to be my virtual journal, but to also connect with other people and share the things I have learned and the experiences I have had and will continue to have being a mother and wife.  So here is my introduction.... My name is Ashley and I am a stay at home mommy to my amazing
6 month old son Clayton. I love making things, learning new things and  spending time with my family! I look forward to what this blog will allow me to share and I hope that you all can over look any typo's and enjoy the honest everyday mommy outlook that I am going to bring to the table.

Until Next Time!
<3 Ashley

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