Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I knew long before I started feeding my son solids that I wanted to make them! It was important for me to know exactly what he is eating. Where it came from, how it was prepared and when it was prepared. It has all been a learning game for me and  something I truly enjoy doing. So here is what we do...

First, I purchase Organic Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. I buy enough to make a month supply of baby food at a time. It is good in the freezer for up to 30 days. I should say that things like banana's and avocado's I make just enough for a a few days, because they tend to turn brown and the flavor tends to change.
Baby for items for a months worth of food. $11.88
 Next, I make sure that all of the equipment, storage items, prep area and myself are clean and ready for safe and healthy baby food making! = )
I got the Baby Bullet when I started and it is very helpful, but you could also use a Blender that has a puree setting or a food processor.
Since I make a months supply at a time I bought enough of the
4ounce, BPA free, microwavable and freezable plastic containers to store my baby food.

Baby Bullet and Storage Cups

To start with I peel, and core all of the items that need to be done this way. ( I bought a apple core remover from Wal-Mart, Because it saves a ton of time.) Then I cut them up and boil them until they are soft enough to be blended. 
Items I use to prepare my Baby food.

After I make the baby food I disperse it between my Storage cups. I put about 2.5ounces in a container. This is as much as the first level baby food you buy at the stores. (You can always thaw out more if you need it.)

Storage Cups I use for a months supply of baby food.

How much you make and store will depend on how many times a day you are feeding your baby solids and how much you are giving at each feeding. I try to prepare just what we need for the 30 days I am making the food to keep from wasting anything.

Start to finish it normally takes me about an hour to prep, steam/ boil, and blend and store the food. That's not to bad to have healthy, fresh, yummy food for your baby!

Here are a few pictures of my super cute, adorable Son enjoying his food prepared with love for him!  ; )

Clayton Loves his Homemade Food

Trying to eat and distracted by my Photo taking!
Yes I know he is just the cutest! "Wink, Wink" I am also kind of partial.

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley


  1. I actually just searched through your whole blog to find this one post! As I was retreading I noticed you said bananas tend to turn brown. I was reading all if my organic baby food and it all has lemon juice in it. I added a little to the good I puréed and presto no browning! It doesn't flavor it all

    1. Thanks! I just always made them when he was going to eat them. Good tip to know for baby #2!