Monday, September 10, 2012

A perfect day.


Happy Monday Friends!
I want to take a few minutes (I say a few because I have to get ready for work.)
and share with you my perfect day. Yesterday.

It started with my boys (hubby&son) and myself getting ready and going to church.
We have decided to try and find a church that we feel at home at.
Since we haven't had that since we moved here from Florida.

After church we met some of the family for lunch.
It was great to get to sit down and visit. 
I feel like now that I am back to working we never see anyone.

Then we headed home. Opened all the windows in the house.
The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL yesterday.
High of 80 and an amazing light breeze.
Put my favorite fall scent in my warmer.
Laid down and cuddled up with my sweet son for a 2 1/2 hour nap!
Pure bliss I tell ya!!

After our nap. I tackled some laundry and made a wonderful pot
of homemade chili.

I loved the simplicity of yesterday. 
Spending a beautiful day with my family.
This girl right here is truly blessed.

Hope the week proves to be just as good.
I'm sure the weather cooling down some will help.

With Much Love,


  1. That sounds like the PERFECT Sunday. We really need to find a church here we love too. We were going to one we liked but there was no one our age or our stage in life and so there was something missing there for us. Then we've been lazy about finding a new church.

    1. Yea we have been lazy too. We lived our church in Florida so much it's hard not to compare. We will find out place though! ;)
      It's nice just to be going back. I missed it!!