Thursday, August 21, 2014

Learning to love myself

I suck at being nice to myself. I am so hateful and talk to myself in a way that makes me sad.
I don't see pretty, I see fat. I don't always see progress, I see how much more I need to do.

This has been the hardest part of getting healthy and taking my life back. 
Learning to love myself has been so difficult. 
All of my underlying issues have started to make sense to me now though.
Everything I have questioned about how I feel. How I push people away.
I get it. After all how can I expect someone else to like me if I don't like myself.

Letting myself get to a place of this much hurt once seemed impossible. 
I am learning how to let that go though. Allowing myself to accept the compliments.
Even enjoy them. I am forcing myself to find the positive. 
To find my beauty in myself and not just in my weight loss. 

To be the person who loves me for me. 
Who doesn't let others get me down.
The girl who truly cares for herself and finds happiness within.

Slowly but surely each day I get a little better. 
I feel that light shining from within trying to get out. 
I guess that has to be my most favorite part of this whole journey.

Finding my Joy in the Journey. 
Finding my inner love.
Finding me.

Shine on Lovlies
Ashley M

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