Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 Months

10 Months..... That is how old my son turned today!
It still amazes me that he is already that old. Those long nights full of crying and sleepless delusion that I thought would never past have. (Sometimes=) My little boy is growing up way to fast right in front of me and I have no clue where the time has gone.

At 10 months he is:

Still Breast feeding =)

Has 6 teeth

Eating solids

Crawling all over the place

Starting to stand and balance on his own

Taking 4 to 6 steps on his own

Babbling up a storm

Saying Dada, Mama, Baba? Since he really doesn't get one often

Smiling constantly 

Laughing all of the time


Finding his voice and it can sometimes be very loud

Starting to throw little fits when he doesn't get his way

Playing Patty Cake

Starting to Wave hello and goodbye

Dancing to Music

Recognizing family and friends we see often

Stealing my heart over and over again everyday! 

Around this time last year I was planning his arrival and I can't believe that I am now starting to plan his 
first birthday. I am going to be a wreck! 
I just try and remind myself everyday to enjoy everyday and 
all of the little moments because in no time they too will be gone.

Clayton Eli 10 Months =)

With Much Love,


  1. 10 months, yikes! Almost a one year old! Enjoy and baby him for those last two months (and then some, lol.) I knew, from your killer comment on my blog, you'd have a fabulous writing voice. Love this blog!

    1. Your Comment might be one of the sweetest ever! Thank for checking out my little blog!