Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Post: Eryka from ABCDE

Hi readers! Im Eryka from abcde. I blog about my life as a wifey and share things I love//things that inspire me. I love meeting new friends, so feel free to stop by and say Hi! Ashley and I are swapping blogs for the day, so hope you all have some fun! 

1. Why do you blog? Pro's and Con's? 
I started this blog as a way to update my family on my life. It has quickly turned into an outlet for me to share my feelings, thoughts and things I love. The only con I have with blogging is, learning to balance blogging with everything else. Its not so much a con anymore but, at first it was. 

2. Your favorite thing about blogging? 
I love the close knit family us bloggers are. Yes, I know Wwe aren't friends with every single blogger but, we do develop friendships with certain bloggers and I know for me they are some of my greatest friends! 

3. What is your all time favorite thing to do in the Summer? 
Well, you see im not too much of a Summer girl. Id rather be cold than hot. Other than that, I do love all the outdoor things you can do in the Summer. Swimming, Sno Cones, Amusement Parks, Camping, and sandals//flip flops!

4. Since you started blogging, what is your favorite thing about it? 
Like I said above I love the friendships I have made with some blogging ladies. I love each and everyone of them. I feel like I have known them forever! Its pretty awesome! Maybe you and I could be friends so feel free to stop on over! 

I adore Eryka's Blog and I was honored when she agreed to swap with me. 
So Make sure to visit her blog and share some love. 

With Much Love,
Ashley =)

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