Wednesday, May 30, 2012

100 Mile Yard Sale!

Yes Friends you heard me right.
It is 100 miles of complete Awesome-ness. 
Yard Sale after Yard Sale and all kinds of great thrifts, antiques and dust covered wonderful junk.

People literally take off work for this event every year. 
It starts Thursday and goes until Monday and it is always on Memorial Day weekend.

We weren't looking for anything particular other than a good deal and anything that caught our eye.
I actually was looking more for other people than for myself. 
I had a short list for my sister and unfortunately I was only able to find part of what she wanted. 
Then we always look keeping others in mind.

We only went Saturday this year and part of Sunday and let me tell you it was HOTTT.
98 degrees of no clouds in the sky scorching hot sun. 
With a cooler full of water in the car and a covered stroller we were 
able to make it from 7:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon.

In that time frame we only covered about 40 miles if even that. 
Trust me when I say we went to a ton of yard sales.

I did find a few cute things that I think I will probably spray paint and make some cute decor with.
I promise to post pictures when I get my project complete. =)

There are rows of Yard Sales Set up behind the one's in the front too.

This lady had some wonderful ceramics. 
I was on a Mission to get my sister from Sweet Little Somethings (go check out her amazing blog) some jewelry from a man who was set up at the yard sales last year. Glad I found him because he said this was probably his last year. He makes all of his jewelry and lot of it is from deer antlers he finds in the woods. 
Here is what I got her!

Now here are the things I got for myself. 
All for $16.25! 

Antique Owl Cookie Jar $10.00

Vintage Serving Platter $1.00

Vintage Serving Tray $3.00

Owl Soap Dish .25 

Pot holders $1.00 each. (Sister the Turtle is yours!)
I didn't end up getting to much this year but we always have such a good time going! 

Hot and a little red from the sun, but still smiling!

Until Next Time,


  1. I love all of my jewelry!! Only another month till I get it and get to see my favorite sister! And I looooove the owl cookie jar you got! And thank you so much for the little turtle rivet thingy I love it!

  2. Your welcome! Can't wait to see you!!!