Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

It was Absolutely Gorgeous here today.
Bright blue skies, sun shining and about 75 degrees= Perfect in this girls book.

So Clayton and Mommy ran a few errands this morning. 
Got groceries and came home to cook lunch.
Took a wonderfully cuddly nap together.
Woke up had a snack and headed to the park for our favorite part of the day.
Clayton chills in the stroller while I run.
Then he got to have some fun swinging. (I just adore how he giggles when he swings!)
Hung out on the front porch and even managed to get a
 few coats of paint on my metal chair I got for the front porch.
Still loving my Flowers and can't wait to get more planted. 
We had a peaceful and very calm day. It was very nice. 
I treasure days like today and take in ever moment, it's the little blessing in life. =)

With Much Love,