Thursday, May 24, 2012


My son has always had such a wonderful temperament.
Calm, Collected, Laid backed...

Well since my now 10 1/2 month old has been walking for 2 weeks, he has found his attitude.

Let me paint you a picture. We are seating in the living room playing as we normally do and he decided it was time to empty his toy bin as he often does. Well as he is pulling everything out one by one, heaven forbid his fire truck get lodged under another toy and he couldn't just throw it out like normal.

He Literally hit the truck, screamed as if he had just been bitten, and threw himself backwards!

I was in such awe struck that I sat there and just let him cool down without even saying a word to him.
After a few minutes he resumed trying to get out the fire truck 
 succeed and all was right in the world again.

Until this afternoon when he hit me because I wouldn't let him climb up the back of his chair.

I knew these things were coming.
I guess I just didn't expect them to come this soon.
Now I am at a loss and searching for anything I can try to do and see how to deal with these things.
I am not against spanking to a degree. However, I do not feel that it is always necessary especially with a baby so young who is just learning and trying to find their voice.
With that said how do you teach them these boundaries so young and keep this behavior from occurring all the time?....

So I come to you fellow bloggers and any mommies out there who have had to deal with this too and ask what has worked for you?
How do you handle these situations?
Or is my child the only one who does these things and I am doomed for life?! =)

Give me your insight, show me your wisdom! 

Before the Tantrum and me getting hit in the eye

Until Next Time,

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