Friday, June 8, 2012

The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

Today was one of those days when I wanted nothing more than to be able to talk to my daddy and hear his kind words and amazing advice.
 God truly has a time for everything a reason behind all he does.
Of Course I would go through such a trying time on the day my daddy passed away 4 years ago.

I was able to feel his love and compassion and hear just what he would say to me if he were still with us.
It was calming knowing that even though he is gone from this earth he still surrounds me and looks after me like he always said he would.

My daddy was such a kind man who would do anything for anyone who needed it. 
My mom, sister and myself were his world.
He never stopped showing us and never stopped trying to take care of us
 even up to the very moment he said his last word and took his last breath.
 In that very moment he was still more worried about us more than himself. 
I hope that as I grow and continue to mature in a better woman that 
I can one day have half of the selflessness that he had!

I miss you more today than I did when you left daddy and
 I love you more today than I did yesterday
 and less than I will tomorrow. 
Thank you for all that you always did for us and for still showing me the light when I sit in the darkness! 
You are my Hero and always will be.

2007, Tybee Island 

My Daddy
With Much Love,

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