Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love and Thanks

It took a lot to share with you guys on my loss. 
I did it so that maybe someone else would find a peace
 that they were needing and find away to also cope with their pain. 

 I feel so blessed to know that I have so many people who 
care and reached out to me during this hard time.
God never ceases to amaze me with how he blesses us even in hard times. 

I would like to share a Pray that my friend Ami shared with me during my hard time.
She wrote this pray for herself when she to had a deal with a difficult time in her life and was kind enough to share it with me.

"God who gives and takes away, please comfort me.
 Hold me in Your loving arms, allow me to feel Your warmth. 
Be with me on this journey, allow light to hold back the darkness, 
and faith to get me through. 
You have a plan, God, please allow peace to fill me. 
Help me through daily tasks and obligations until my spirit is whole.
 In this hard time, allow me to see beyond myself and to help others.
 In Jesus' precious name, give me a new attitude, 
a new way to see the plan until we are all reunited in Heaven. 
Thank you for every blessing you have given my family.
 I know that we are not worthy and
 every piece of happiness I experience is a gift from you. 
Thank you God, for all that you have given- please send peace and insight.  Amen"

Thank you Ami for sharing this beautiful pray and 
thank you to everyone else for all of you kind words, prayers, and love during this hard time.
I love you all and thank God for each one of you being in my life.

With Much Love,

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