Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little Notes

Happy Tuesday Friends things have been super busy in our little household lately.
Thought I would share some of my little thoughts. 
Loving long flowing summer dresses

Dear Laundry,
Come on now I will take a break at anytime. However, I am loving all the beach towels I have been washing from the pool time and lake time. *lovin' summer*

Dear Mommy's Little Man,
Get to feeling better soon and then we will head out to the pool again!

Dear Hubby, 
Thank you for taking care of me and loving me even when I over indulge on my mommy day and drink a little to much. Your the bestest! (Don't worry I won't be doing it again ANY time soon)

Dear Dishes,
I wish you would wash yourself already.

Dear Workouts,
I am loving all the time we are getting together and I am loving the transformation I am seeing in my body, strength and energy!

Dear Summer Heat,
Loving the time with the water we are getting with you but we could stand  for it to be a few degrees cooler and hey even a small afternoon storm while we nap would be lovely.

Dear Bloggy Friends,
Sorry for slacking on blogging I am enjoying all of the time I am getting with my family.

My Sweet Momma's Boy

Hope you guys survived through Monday and that everyone's week is going great.
Until Next time,


  1. I wish I had your workout motivation. I'm trying to get started and I just don't like it! Your little guy is so cute and I LOVE your posts!
    xoxo Kinzie

  2. Trust me the motivation at first was hard to come by. I am hoping it sticks around for awhile! I'm so glad you found my little blog and please share when I get to 50 followers I am doing a special Giveaway!!!