Thursday, June 21, 2012

July Excitement

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I am so Excited for July!
Even Though it is HOT it is one of my favorite months and even more so now that it is when we get to celebrate my Precious Son's Birthday. This year is the Big number 1. 
Wow a year old already. *Tears*

I was browsing Pinterest and thought I would share some fun things I look forward to this July.

Celebrating our son's First Birthday. 
Going to Florida to visit our family and friends.
Decorating my front porch all festive.
Wearing cute festive clothes.
Making a new wreath for my front door.
Going Swimming. Pool. Lake. Beach!
The 4th of July with the one's we love.
Reading some new summer books and some old classics.
Flowing comfortable dresses.
Sandals and Flip-Flops.

I can't wait until this next month and all that we are going to get to do as a family. 
I love all these special moments we get together and treasure them so much.

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With Much Love,


  1. the only reason i'm excited for july is so i can see my favorite sister and nephew! so excited :D

    love you!