Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Holy Grail!

Boobahs. Breasts. Fun Bags. Tig Ol Biggies. Titties. TaTa's. Bazooka's.
Bean Bags. Bon Bon's Boobie's. Bongo's. 
Cha-Cha's. Grapefruits. Honey Dews. Head Lights.
Honkers. Humdingers. Jugs. Kalamazoo's. Knockers. Love Melons. Love Muffin's. 
Mammaries. Mounds. Balloons. PomPoms. Torpedos. Boulders. Harpoons. Utters.
Milk Jugs. Milk Bags. Milk Shakes.

No matter what you call them and trust me you can find a million and one names for them on the internet, they have one sole purpose. 
For what ever reason our society seems to have that reason a little confused! 
Yes breast are beautiful and can be used in foreplay and for pleasure, but that isn't really what they are for. They are for nutrition and feeding our children. 

Making the decision to Breast Feed was a no brainer for me.
 I knew it was healthier for my baby and after all our bodies are made to do it. 
Now saying that is has been a piece of cake or a walk in the park is not the case at all! 
It hurts like HELL at first and that is putting it lightly. 
For the first month every time I would nurse my son I would curl my toes in pain 
and try not to scream bloody murder. 

I have dealt with Thrush multiple times, OALD, Low Supply, the many exhausting growth spurts and now the teeth!!! Let's just say so far the teeth has been the worse... 

My goal at first was to make it to 6 months.  Right before my son hit 6 months I was talking to my husband and I knew I could't stop! We had made it thru so much and finally found our niche. Now I don't really have a goal I plan to do it until Clayton decides he doesn't want to anymore. 

Why I love Breast Feeding!!!

  • The Health Benefits for my Son.
  • It's Convient.
  • I LOVE the bonding time I get with my Son!
  • It fixes everything...Fussy, hungry, sick, fighting sleep...Just put a boob in their mouth and the World is perfect again! 
  • It's FREE!!! Formula is so expensive.
  • I know exactly what is going into my son's body.
  • It's fast and easy.
  • It's Natural.
  • You can burn up to 500 calories a day doing it!

I get why people quit or don't even try. It is a lot of work.
 The first two months on my son's life he ate
 every hour and a half. 
I was exhausted. 
To be completely honest if I wouldn't have had the support I did from family
 who had breast feed and friends who were going thru the same thing I was, 
I don't know that I would have been able to stick with it. 

I do believe that people give up because they don't have support. 
It's like everything else in life, you need information and people who care about you to back you up. 
I am Thankful for all of the support I have had and especially how great my husband has been! 
He has been my biggest fan and supporter thru everything I have been through.

I guess if there was anything I would like to say to a mother wanting to breast feed is stick with it. 
It does get easier. Use your local La Leche League. Find a group of mothers and talk to them, because I guarantee they have or are experiencing the same problems you are.
 Keep in mind that it is the best thing for your child and that the positive out ways the negative.

My Precious Son

Falling Asleep

Asleep <3
Here are some sights that I have referenced a million times for help and information. 
Hope they help you if you are needing it.

Now some light humor and fun picture I have found in reference to Breast Feeding.

Please reach out to people around you and don't give up. 
I promise you it will be one thing you are glad you stuck with!

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley 

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