Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekly weigh In: Week Two

Okay so I will be completely honest and say that I had a few slip ups this last week. Fortunately I must have still burned enough calories, because I still had some pretty good results!

Last Weeks Weigh In                   This Weeks Weigh In 

Last Weeks Weigh In                  This Weeks Weigh In

I did the side by side view, because it is so hard for me to see my results. I look in the mirror and see everything I still need to work on and miss what I have already done! So I am going to be completely honest when I put them side by side I got pretty excited.

Here are my results for week 4 of my diet and fitness adventure:

Weight Loss: 15 Pounds!
Inches off Waist: 5 1/2
Inches off Hips: 4 1/2
Inches off Thighs: 3
Inches off Chest: 2 1/2

Yay for seeing results and making it this far. I would have normally given up by now. I am going to be in my skinny jeans by the time son turns one. To bad it is in the middle of summer, but I guess that means I won't be to embarrassed to wear shorts. WoooHooo

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley

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  1. You're beautiful no matter what size you are, but you're looking great sister! I need to step up my game. I've been slacking MAJOR this last few weeks. This inspired me though!