Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Purple Heart of Mothering

So there is no denying that I have been a horrible blogger this last week, but in all honestly I have been horrible at everything!

I have been very sick with strep throat and an inner ear infection as well as I have had a little boy with a sinus infection.  In between taking him and myself back and forth to the doctor. Getting out of bed is all I have been able to accomplish. I am so Thankful to my Mother In Law for all her help with my son. She has been my saving grace through my 102 fever and running back and forth to the bathroom. I am thankful that I have just been able to nurse my little guy when he has been hungry. Especially considering I could hardly lift my own weight, shower or eat.

I am finally starting to feel a little better aside from an upset stomach from the strong antibiotics and as the fog is starting to clear I am seeing all I haven't been able to do.

Without pushing myself to my limits the next few day will be devoted to:

and most importantly Disinfecting EVERYTHING!

I am so glad to finally be able to swallow and I am slowing starting to hear again in my right ear. Just to be safe though everyone still talk toward my left ear.

All I can say is to all of you mothers out there who have ever been super sick and not had any help with your little one's you deserve the Purple Heart of Mothering.

I am hoping that things just start looking up from now on and that this Crud is finally leaving the McGowan Household. Hopefully we will see some warmer weather soon that decides to stick around and everyone will stop getting so sick.

On a Brighter Note here is my Happy little Man...
Clayton's First Valentine from his Mommy!

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