Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

Guess you can tell I am facing this weekly weigh-in feeling a little defeated!
As I mentioned in a recent post I have been sick so I haven't really been paying much attention to what I have been eating. Pretty much if it didn't hurt my throat I would eat it. Also, until yesterday I hadn't worked out for a week and a half. Soooo I know that the results I am seeing are my fault, but that doesn't make me any happier!!!

I actually gained a pound!!! I WHOLE pound! I am so frustrated and upset with myself. This is what I always do. I start working out and see great results fast so I think
it won't hurt if I eat just ONE cheeseburger.
Or that ONE milkshake won't hurt me.

Well this time Folks I am not allowing my evil "Crickets" (as in Jiminy Cricket)
to get the best of me.I am going to use this weeks weigh in as the extra push of motivation
I need starting out my 8th week of my lifestyle change.

I CAN lose the rest of the 44 pounds I want to lose!
I CAN lose the weight by my original goal date!
I CAN stay strong and make this healthy lifestyle change for myself!

Week 7 results for my diet and exercise adventure:

Total Weight Loss: 16 pounds =(  I gained a pound
Inches off Waist: 6 1/2
Inches off Hips: 5 1/2
Inches off Thigh: 4
Inches off Chest: 3

Last week and This week

Last week and This week

If you look back at last week you will see that I have no change on anything other than gaining a pound.
This will NOT be the results I get next week those numbers are going to improve!!! 
With that said if you are dieting or trying to loss weight stick with it. 
We will get to the results we are wanting together!

Now that my complaining and griping are over I will stop feeling sorry for myself 
and start being strict again with everything I eat and keep my tushy 
busy at the gym and getting in my extra workouts in at home.

  Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley 

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