Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Children...When is the right time?...

I am sure that any of you mothers out there have noticed that during your pregnancy, before you even have the baby, everyone starts asking when are you going to have another one.

At this point you are obviously thinking let me get this one here first. Then your little bundle of joy arrives and after many sleepless nights all you can think is, "Dear Lord just help me get through these nights and gets some sleep and I will never do this to myself again!"

Then your tiny little bundle of joy is 6 months old before you know it and you really begin to think how amazing, fun and sweet they are and it wouldn't be so bad to have another one sooner that later.

So my question is When is the right time for more children? I know everyone is different and my husband and I know that we do want more children, but when.

Looking at statics and what doctors tell you, you need time after you carry a baby and it is born for your body to heal. Most doctors will tell you to wait at least 18 months in between to start trying to have another child.

Looking at it from a personal perspective I can only compare it to myself and my sister. We were 6 years apart and I believe that this was to far. I don't remember to many wonderful childhood memories with her. We fought a lot and she got on my nerves always wanting to follow me around and constantly telling on me. It hasn't been until the last 5 years that we have gotten closer and even though I consider her one of my best friends I wish we would have felt that was as younger children too.

I want my son to be close to his brother/sister. I want them to enjoy playing together and to have fond memories growing up together. So what is the perfect age to wait to have another.

The idea of waiting until my son is a year and a half and then starting to try does kind of sound ideal. He would hopefully be potty trained by the time the baby got here. He would be old enough to be excited and understand that he would be becoming an older brother. All of which I think would help him have a stronger bond with his new baby brother or sister.

I know I am probably over thinking this too much, but hey that is what I do. I can only hope that it would work out as easy I have it planned in my head!!! = )

And since I got asked this question before my son was even born and now even more often. I can't help but think about the question more often as my son gets older....

What do you all think? When is the best time to start thinking about and planning for baby number two?!?!

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley 

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