Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy Duties

I am a list writer and always have been. I keep calendars for everything, make to do list all of the time and actually keep up with them in an obsessive obnoxious way. I am sure if you asked my husband if he could change anything about me this would be the second thing he would say next to how bad I can stress out.

So funny and true story. While going through a bunch of boxes of cards and letters my grandma had stored we found to do list I had wrote out for her and schedules I had made when I was eight and in town visiting her for the summer. I believe that this is something that is truly in my genetics, because I have always been that way!

With all of that said this is how I approached Motherhood when I found out I was pregnant. I have list for what I needed to do in each Trimester. List of books I needed to read before and after I had my son.
List of names, people to call, things to pack for the hospital. To do list for getting each room of the house ready before our bundle arrived and an in dept deep cleaning list.

"Hello My Name is Ashley and I have OCD!"

I learned real fast after my son arrived that following list isn't going to be as easy as it always was for me. My son has kind of set his own schedule and for the most part he is like clock work, but as soon as I make plans or try and get something done you better believe that he has a different idea of what we are going to do!
Now don't get me wrong I am the type of person who likes to be in control of a situation so I still try.
Around what he wants and needs now, but I try not to let him know he is the boss.

This last week has been a little trying on my nerves and patience. He got Pink eye, is teething, and going thru a growth spurt. So that means our normal schedule is out the window along with mommy getting sleep and being able to eat without holding a baby. I love the extra cuddle time with my little man, since he has figured out how to get places those times are few and far between with out all kind of wiggling. But sometime I just want to set and not be tugged, pulled on and drooled all over.

Don't take this the wrong way but every now and then a girl needs a minute to pee with out having to hold someone. Which I might say is a new found talent I have, peeing while holding a 24 pound 6 1/2 month old. Never thought I would be able to add that to my list of talents...

With my vent session over I must add that all of the tiring duties that come with being a SAHM. There are so many more amazing rewards.

That gummy smile I get every time I walk into a room.
The hugs I get and slobbery kisses.
The amazing bonding time we have every time I nurse him.
Our play time and wrestling sessions.
Rocking him to sleep after I read him his books every night!

I adore my little man more than words can say. Even if sometimes I need a little time to myself to sleep or go to the bathroom. That stuff is over rated anyways!

Clayton Eli 6 1/2 months Old


  1. Here's the tutorial for the door shelf I was telling you about!

  2. Amen! What until he turns four . The past 4 months mine has turned into a little yapper!!!!! And won't stop talking to give me a second to think! But I love every minute of it !