Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Love

You know life is about the little things! I have an amazing husband who works very hard for myself and our beautiful son. He always goes above and beyond in everything he does.

I have been very sick the last week and haven't been able to do much other than drag myself out of bed. I went to the doctor again yesterday since I wasn't getting any better. Only to find out I had an inner ear infection on top of strep throat so bad my throat was almost swollen shut.

After my appointment I went to get my medicine filled and did manage to remember to get cards and candy for the special men in my life. I came home took my medicine and went to bed. (Thanks to my sweet mother in law being here to help with the baby!)

My husband woke me when he got in from work to show me the card he got for our son and the toy book that reads to him. He knew I wasn't feeling well and wanted to make sure he got him something for his first Valentines Day!

It's the little things that are truly amazing! Then there is the fact that he has been amazing since I have been sick helping me with our son and getting me anything I have needed as well.

I was truly blessed when God gave him to me! Even though I have been sick this Valentines Day I have all the love that I need from my two amazing men. I love them so much and just hope they feel half of the love from me that I get from them.

Hope you all had a wonderful day with the ones you love most and I will get back to my regular blogging schedule soon. With all hopes that I get to feeling better very very soon.

Until Next Time,
<3 Ashley

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