Monday, July 23, 2012

Back Home

Let me start by saying we had a great time in Florida
 and loved every minute we got to spend with our family.
 It was so nice to actually get go relax some and not run around the whole time.

Clayton got sick half way through the trip and we ended up having to make two trips to the doctor.
Double ear infection again and a virus that caused his temperature to spike a few times.
So the end of our trip was spent being lazy and staying in much of the time.

However, we still had a lovely time and 
he thankfully started feeling better before we came home.

It was hard to leave like always.
 I miss my family so much when I am away from them and 
I can't stand that they are so far away from Clayton. 

Thankfully they will be coming up for Thanksgiving 
and that will be here before we know it!

Now that we are home I of course have to 
catch up on laundry, cleaning and restock groceries.
And the fun task of getting Clayton back on his schedule. 

I am happy to report that we all rested very well last night and 
Clayton has been very happy to be home with all of his toys again. 

I would like to Thank all of the beautiful ladies who guest posted
 for me last week so I could enjoy my vacation and still keep you lovely readers entertained! 
Your the best!

Going to keep this short and sweet I have a ton of dishes calling my name 
and I need to swap the laundry. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and I can't wait to share some pictures from our trip!

As hard as it always is to leave my family, 
coming home to our cozy cute home always takes away a little of 
the bitterness that I have when I leave Florida! 
No matter where I am when I am with my Hubby and Son my life is complete.

With Much Love,


  1. Oh your poor baby! Hugs and kisses always help! I love your cute little home!!! FOLLOWING! :o)

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

    1. He gets tons and tons of those! Even when he isn't sick... Thanks for following and I look forward to ready more of your post as well. =)